Dealing with Distractions When Spending Time with God

Our fascination with Christ’s heart can increase daily. As we ponder His sacrifice of love, we will grow in love for Him. As we reflect on the beauty of His character, worldly cravings will fade. In studying His Word, we will grow in passion for Him.

This is surely easier said than done of course. There are battles to face as we spend time with God, namely, distractions!

Dealing with Distractions

Distractions are a part of daily life. Our quiet times with God are a challenge when distractions fill our minds. Often more time is needed to get our focus fully on God and His Word. In prayer, we might even find our thoughts wandering. Frustrating, right?

So how do we deal with distractions?

  1. Have a “Distractions Only” notepad handy.
  2. Write down the distractions when they come.
  3. Don’t fight to resist them, just turn your focus back to God.
  4. Remember, whatever it is can usually wait!
  5. When all else fails, take a moment to voice praise and thanksgiving to God to help bring your focus back to Him.
When Distractions Won't Relent: 1. Have a 'Distractions Only' notebook handy. | 2. Write down the distractions when they come. | 3. Don't fight to resist, keep your focus on God. | 4. Remember, it can usually wait! | 5. Give thanks to return your awareness to Him.
Save the above image for reference to help you deal with distractions.

Get your strategy ready and let’s win against those distractions! Let’s keep plowing, setting our hearts to leave our devotional time knowing we’ve met with God.

Set that appointment with God and keep it.

Those around the throne are drawn deeper into worship as they look upon God. Our love for Him also increases as we consistently spend time with Him. His Word renews our minds and reminds us of His promises.

Lord, we repent for not keeping our “meetings” with You. Forgive us for lacking self-control with distractions that we can avoid. Help us say “no” to frustration concerning those we cannot.

Stir our hearts to be with You. Fascinate us anew with the intimate knowledge of You. Captivate our hearts like we have captivated Yours (Song of Songs 4:9).

Try It Right Now

Set aside a moment with the Lord right now. Pray. Get your Bible, read a chapter in Psalms or one of the Gospels. Journal what stands out to you. Let Him encourage your heart in this moment, reminding you of the love He has for you in giving His only Son.

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10 thoughts on “Dealing with Distractions When Spending Time with God

  1. I do believe we are kindred spirits, Amanda. 🙂 I so appreciate this encouragement to take time with our Savior. Lingering…pondering…and just enjoying Him. It requires great effort sometimes, because we are highly distractible people in a highly distracting culture. But it’s effort well-invested, without fail. I’m so glad you shared this with us at Grace & Truth, and I’m honored to feature your post at A Divine Encounter on Friday.


    1. Thank you and I am honored by such a blessing and encouragement! 🙂 And I look forward to visiting your site soon! Bookmarking the link in my current tabs to read ASAP. 🙂


  2. This is great! You’re so right that the more time we spend with Jesus the more we want with Him but the distractions certainly increase tenfold! This is super encouraging and practical at the same time. Thank you :)! God bless!


    1. Thank you for the encouragement and I’m so grateful you enjoyed this post. There is no one more wonderful than Jesus for sure. 🙂


  3. This was a timely word for me today. I like the idea of having a plan for dealing with distractions, and I appreciate the call at the end to press in to God’s presence even now. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Love this, I pinned and twitted. Yes, we need to get crafty on finding ways to deal with distractions. When we set our hearts in harmony with God, He will give us instructions on how to deal with every day distractions. Because honestly, distraction is usually unavoidable 😤. I’m talking some points from here. Thanks for sharing. Blessings


    1. Yes, I agree. Distractions are definitely unavoidable and we’ve got to have an action plan so we aren’t conquered by them. 🙂 Blessings and thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.


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