Loved When All You Can Do Is Be

Some days are harder than others. We experience challenges. We face issues that changes the course of the day. We deal with chronic pain for which healing has yet to come.

Or maybe we feel like we aren’t doing enough as we watch others never seem to go through the hardships we face daily and have maybe even experienced for years.

God sees you. He loves you. He says that you don’t have to measure up to any standard but His.

Even when all you can do is simply be, you are loved by God.

It doesn’t look the same for another person as it does for you. He knows the trials, the pain, the weaknesses. He only wants your heart.

Maybe no one else will hear and no one else will see, but God sees you and you matter to Him. He hears your every heart cry and He is a Father who loves you.

If all you can do is simply be with Him, He’s okay with that. He knows you inside and out, through the good and the difficult.

Many others are out busily doing for every other purpose under the sun, but even in the difficulties before you, you are still pressing into Him.

Just being with Him. This counts far more than you know, beloved. It counts to Him and is more precious than all the world in His eyes because you are His precious and dearly beloved.

May His love, peace and joy cover you and fill you to overflowing this day.

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