In Your Deepest Need: You Are Never Ever Alone

There is One who will never forget you, who always sees your heart. The Lord sees your desperation for all to be made right. Even in your deepest need, you are never ever alone.

He sees everything and He never leaves. He knows you better than anyone. He fulfills your needs better than any ever could. He prays for you more than any do. He loves you better than any ever will. He sees your pain and the cry of your heart to be held, ministered to, healed and comforted.

So if you find yourself in need, and no one seems able to help, look to Jesus. Whether in need of prayer or ministry, He will meet you as you seek Him. When you find yourself empty and everyone around seems otherwise occupied, He never is. He is always right there waiting, ready to minister to you in your deepest place of need.

You were His and always will be. You belong to Him and He will never abandon you. Even when you hear Him not, He is singing over you and pouring out His love.

He is Jesus, the King of kings and Bridegroom Whom we belong to. He is the only One who truly and fully loves and cares for us.

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