Do You Feel Alive?

God wants to turn every mess into something of worth.

He gives beauty for ashes. Things that seem worthless, He transforms like gold. What seems like the end of us, He turns into a testimony, bringing joy to us and others.

Like a potter with clay, the Lord is molding and shaping us. He seals our hearts with untainted love, and we find we are never alone even when others are absent. This process in the journey can be painful, but will cause us to feel fully alive.

We need not fear His hand upon us. Christ’s nearness is our good. All that’s left to do is to say “yes” to Him. As we do even the pain of His “fire” freeing us from the negative things that afflict us will be a welcome help.

All that’s left to do is to say “yes” to Jesus.

Perhaps as you read this, you feel like you are reading a foreign language. Or maybe you’re turned off from hearing about God. Honestly, in my experience, this is probably because something has caused you to be turned off from things you thought were about God but were of man and therefore without life and joy.

Religion and ritual can be a terrible task master, and this is not Christ’s heart toward us. He directs a heart connection, a relationship with us that is ever growing, not our performance and perfection.

Give Jesus, not man’s ideas of Him and His ways, a new chance. Only He has the answers you seek in everything. He alone has the fulfillment and stress-ending peace we all need. We all need fulfillment, so how about asking Him to show you how He can give it?

Listen though: You’ve got to give Him a lot more time than a little. A day is like a thousand to Him. When things go wrong, it doesn’t mean it is His doing. In fact, when we start to pursue Him, the devil may try to cause situations to arise in attempts to get you to blame God and give up on the journey.

The bottom line is that God loves you, period. He does all for your good and His glory, even the difficult and painful things that come because of the devil, other people or our own mistakes. The Lord doesn’t need to prove Himself in this love because He already has. He proved Himself when He gave His life for us so that we could receive His life in place of eternity in suffering.

But… He does show us His love more and more as we walk this journey. That’s the amazing part. He did all that was needed and yet He sent the Holy Spirit to fill us and cause us to experience His love day after day!

That said, there is always more of His kindness and heart yet to discover. There is more. You may not feel needy, but in truth you are.

If you want more in life, believer or not, say “yes” to the Son of God and ask Him to take you on the ride of a lifetime! Maybe say, “I don’t get this whole God thing, but You are worth a try. I say ‘yes.’ Come make my ashes to beauty. Forgive me of my sins. Help me to turn my life around (repentance) and live it as You would have me to. Bring life and hope to the things that need change in my life.”

Lord, show us the longing for You already within our hearts. You fashioned as like a beautiful work of art, and only You, our Artist-Creator, can satisfy. Take us into that journey with You. Show us how it is life with You that causes us to feel truly alive. Show us how this is the best journey we could ever invest our lives in, above any other pursuit.

Remember, He loves you always.

5 thoughts on “Do You Feel Alive?

  1. Amanda, this is really good. Thanks for sharing and encouraging the body of Christ. I always enjoy your writings and I always look to see how it applies to me and then ask God to make it a part of my life.

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