Why We Do What We Do

How often do we search our hearts with the help of the Holy Spirit, seeking to know why we do what we do? Take the time, ask Him to shine the Light of His refining torch into your soul.

The things we do, do we do them to fulfill a need within us or because of wanting to share the love of God with others? For most of us, the answer will be both at times.

Each of us has longings. We all ache at times and seek to numb the pain through activity. We all experience emptiness that fuels what we do as we desire to be filled.

Christ wants to fill the emptiness. He wants to satisfy the ravenous wants we have as human beings. But it requires that we face the pain of not numbing ourselves.

We have to surrender the mindless actions we often undertake, such as repeatedly checking Facebook, sleeping away the day, or binge-watching the next new TV series. It requires that we cease doing things, even serving people, to try to grab onto anything to make us feel whole.

How often do we engage in activity for the sake of self over truly giving form an overflow of God’s love? At the least, we all love imperfectly. Each of us will be perfected in His love season by season as we grow in relationship with the Lord.

So what is Jesus wanting to work within us?

It is in what we do no longer stemming from our own need for fulfillment (though helping others is to bring us joy). This may only cause burn out.

The Lord wants what we do in our giving and serving to come from Him, our Source. He wants it to originate from the overflow of the fulfillment we find in our relationship with Him. Our motivation is to share the love of God and the beauty of His character because we are being so filled by Him day after day. 

In this, our activities will not be an attempt to satisfy our emptiness or numb our soul’s ache.

This will result in the things and people around us no longer possessing such power of attachment over us. Suddenly we will find we do not need anything superficial to fulfill us: God will be filling that void within. He alone can fill it and we will live out this truth.

The things we do will be because they are necessary to our life or because we want to share with others the fulfillment Christ alone can give. Things and people will have their proper place, and God will be enthroned as first place in our lives. 

2 thoughts on “Why We Do What We Do

  1. Thank you Amanda. I needed to hear this. I knew it is important to have quiet time with the Lord as that is what he desires and truly the only way I will be able to discern His calling and purpose for my life. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you, Beth. It is definitely a challenge for all of is to say no to the things that distract and even to just push through the normal things of life that must be dealt with as we also seek to pursue God above all else. He knows we are only able with His help and that it is a challenge, and I am so thankful for His Holy Spirit! Pray you are well.


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