Jesus Holds You Close

In the season of testing, of shaking all that needs shaking, it’s a time of pushing through the trial and walking the waves of the storm. 

It’s a journey where you discover not all see His heart in you in the way you’d think they should, but you learn to just let go and rest in His arms. This time of standing in who God says you are despite the arrows flying all around. 

A season of moments where you hit the wall of your weakness, fall down hard but He lifts you up so fast with His love surrounding you like a whirlwind until you forget the pain and feel His joy again.

It’s a beautiful season in His heart. He’s making you beautiful and you’ll see it in His time. 

He holds you close. He won’t let those arrows take you down. He’s got you, He’s by your side the whole time… even when you feel He’s absent.

You make His heart sing. You bring a smile to the face of the Savior and a twinkle to His eyes of love and fire.

No matter what others think, just love them and trust Him. He will heal the pains of the surprise hurts of life.

He’s the One you’re made for, He’s the One you’re living for this time. No one and nothing else will He allow to have your affections anymore.

The season of new heart songs from the deepest depths of truth, seeing Father God meet you right where you are. And then He takes you soaring higher than you ever thought you could go.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Holds You Close

  1. rhondacrisp

    Hi Amanda, I truly loved these words spoken from God through you. It is confirmation of words the Lord has been speaking to me for the last 2-3 months. I’ve learned to love the Lord so much and He is opening His love letter-the Bible-to me more and more each day. I used to be in a stuck place but God has made me realize just how much the Lord loves me and all He’s done for me even though I was struggling or so depressed I couldn’t function. Ever since He healed me of a life long depression almost 3 years ago I have learned just how much He loves and cares for me. I’m retired now so I have a lot of free time I didn’t have before so I spend the greater part of the morning reading the word and praying. I even pray the Scripture back to God and ask Him to fill me with wisdom and truth and to make me more full in Him everyday. You are an inspiration to me as well because you allow God to speak through you to the multitudes on the internet. I love you girl. I admire your spirit. I admire your love for the Lord. I miss seeing you at Melba’s Bible Studies because every time I saw you I saw the love of Jesus radiating through. I can’t go to Melba’s studies now because I don’t drive any more due to poor eyesight. They pulled my license because of it. And the ones on Saturdays at her house Is impossible because I can’t do steps. I have 2 bad bad knees, which I’m looking forward to God healing, which makes it difficult to climb stairs. Maybe we’ll cross paths in the near future. Take care and be blessed.

    1. Amanda Post author

      Thank you, sweet sister. You blessed and encouraged me right back! Thank you for reading my blog and also taking time to comment. That in itself is a blessing to me also.

      I haven’t been to the Bible studies either actually because we no longer live so close. Maybe we will get to cross paths again sometime though, but if not, online is far better than nothing! :) So grateful for that.

      May you keep being saturated by the Lord and His deep love for you every day and night. And I join with you in telling those knees of yours to be made completely whole in Jesus’ name! He is faithful!

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