True Success in God

As believers in Christ, we should define success differently than those in the world. Yet often in Christianity, success is seen in very much the same way as the world. We feel we must do big things for God, and that other things are seen as less. Yet this is not always true.

We are often told to look for a “world changing” destiny for ourselves and this is communicated as something big, such as fame or other highly influential things. Yet firstly and primarily our calling is to know the heart and person of Jesus.

Our assignment may be big, small or somewhere in between. The best thing we can do is what God shows us, not comparing ourselves and our lives to others, who have different personalities, gifts, skills and assignments.

The truth is that most of us will do many seemingly small things, and these things matter to God! Not everyone will be on a stage or be well-known. In fact, it might be dangerous if we are seeking a big platform because this may not be what the Lord desires for our life on this earth. As we look for the big, we may even miss the “ones” He would have us go after, those He would leave the ninety-nine for who need His touch.

I think of Jesus Himself. Born in obscurity, not loved or thought beautiful by most. He mostly poured all He had into 12 disciples when He walked the earth, and only 120 filled the Upper Room after He returned to the Father and then His Spirit was poured out. He is our example.

He poured into a few, yet after His time on earth, the fruit He brought forth increased. That increase was evident through the handful of people He taught and built relationship with. Through investing in just a few, His Kingdom increased exponentially. Jesus started this with the few, not the many.

God’s view of success is unlike the world’s. His ways are not our own, where that which is done in secret is of great value to Him and humbling oneself is more worthwhile than being seen by the world.

If we do Father God’s will for us in this life, not comparing ourselves to other believers or to the world’s standards, we are blessed. Even if it is unseen or seemingly small compared to what others are doing, He is well pleased by our obedience out of love for Him.

The most important pursuit of all is our hearts aimed toward His and all that flows from that place.

You don’t have to go on missions to have a life that matters to God. God needs people like you who love Him, serving in your community too. Your neighbors, people you pass daily, family in need of His love and truth, the Kingdom in your town or region, even just those under your own roof…

The prayers we pray in the secret place are of great value to Him. The response of obedience to His heart is not less than someone else’s because we do not become a missionary in another country or do something for God that becomes well known.

Doing His will is doing His will, even if it seems small according to man’s opinions. God sees, He knows. What He desires most is your heart for Him, saying “yes” to Him as He leads you, His beautiful and unique son or daughter.

True Success in God -

4 thoughts on “True Success in God

  1. This is so true. Thank you. When Jesus called to us to give us all to follow Him I did not realize how dark the path would be. Through it all, however, He led us and as we walked in obedience He was faithful to deliver us at every step. Very few saw us or cared to know the One who led us but we knew Him. No matter how small and insignificant the act of obedience is in the eyes of any human remember that the Father is watching. He sees and records every act you take, every step of faith you make, to follow Jesus and that is all that matters. Yes the world may not know what you have done in obedience but I can tell you God does and He will reward such faith with Himself. That is the greatest reward of all.

    Homer Les

  2. If we are faithful in the little things He will give us bigger things to do. Thanks Amanda, sometimes I think I don’t do enough because it doesn’t seem to have a big effect but I have tried very hard to be faithful in the little things and he has given me more. PTL. I really like this posting of yours. It speaks volumes.

    1. Thank you. He is so good to us. He once told me that—reminding me from His Word, essentially telling me to be faithful in the small things and play the part He has given me for right now. It may seem small to us or others sometimes, but to Him it’s not! 🙂

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