Update 12-04-17: A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

I wanted to share an update about FHOP after my previous update. Some will remember that we, a church and growing house of prayer, recently moved out of a building completely to begin meeting in homes. (We of course continue to have regional worship and prayer gatherings once in a while in larger venues, but as small as we are, we do this only periodically at this time.)

Well, our little forerunner people are experiencing great joy and blessing together as we gather. More of our brothers and sisters are able to share what God is saying or doing in their lives. I personally feel closer to our Body than ever before, being able to truly hear from others and connect on a deeper level.

Some of our recent gatherings have included times where we were able to encourage one another, share testimonies, and even partner with God in seeing a foreign visitor experience immense deliverance and heart healing.

One of my favorite moments as a Body came during a special monthly gathering during which we had communion. Together we celebrated what Christ has done for us in a way we had not before. Each person served communion to the one next to them, and then spoke a word of affirmation or encouragement to them individually. As a person who feels deeply–even the emotions of others around me–I was struggling to hold back my tears! It was impactful!

It is a new and exciting frontier before us. We don’t always know every detail along the way, but it is so much better with God this way. Instead of following an order of events or programming every moment, we have been given a beautiful opportunity to lean upon our Shepherd, Jesus. His leadership is perfect, and it is glorious! Psalm 23 rings out true to me:

He leads us beside still waters (Psalm 23:2): His Living Water, His Spirit who satisfies our thirst completely, fills the atmosphere of our hearts and all around as we worship together.

He restores our souls (Psalm 23:3): As we partake of union with Him and unity as a Body, we are refreshed. We hear words of wisdom and truth married to the very love of the Father, and His Spirit frees us from lies we’ve believed and anchors us more deeply in the love of Christ.

Our cups overflow s (Psalm 23:5): More and more we are learning together and growing in discovering the depths of the love of Jesus. And may it be so until we overflow unceasingly with His love, touching every heart that comes near.

To read more about FHOP, visit FHOP’s website.

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