Experiencing God’s Love in Community

Experiencing God’s Love in Community

Did you know that some of the lies we struggle with can be extinguished as we do life together in our local church community? 

There are some lies we can be set free from especially as we do life with others in community. Things that can only be proven to us when we are not alone, not isolated nor in hiding. I’ve recently learned this in a big way in the midst of my own community of faith.

As someone in spiritual community and in leadership, I was so afraid to let my guard down. By choosing to face my fears, I realized that I can stop trying to be perfect. I don’t have to act like I’m okay when I’m not.

I know I can be the “still-in-process” me around the people in my church community. I can share my pains and struggles, knowing God will meet me there and display His love through them.

Some of the lies that can be confronted in community include the fear of being rejected, abandoned, or hurt by people. Other lies relate to feeling like you don’t measure up, or that you have to be perfect or good enough to be loved or accepted.

It’s so freeing for us when we allow God to use people who carry His love to show us that we are loved and fully accepted, that we are not judged or rejected because of certain personality traits, sin struggles and more.

We sometimes have to step out and do the very things that usually surface those fears. We have to stop hiding our flaws and struggles, instead choosing to bravely share them with trustworthy, healthy brothers and sisters in Christ.

If we bury these things inside, they will try to eat us from the inside out.

We will come face to face with those fears and our need to control the measure of safety we feel when we are around others in community. We not only face our own issues and challenges in community, but those of others that can bring out the best or worst in all of us.

We won’t come to know the people around us who do truly care, those who will stick with us through hard stuff, if we remain in hiding behind the masks we often wear. We can’t be afraid to ask for prayer or to share our missteps, for in that our healing awaits.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another [your false steps, your offenses], and pray for one another, that you may be healed and restored. The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].” (James 5:16 AMP)

Without community, we won’t come to the truth that they care about and love us despite our imperfections and struggles, our weaknesses and quirks. We won’t beat down the lie that we’ve somehow got to act like we’re okay all the time or that we’ve got to somehow be perfect.

Maybe there are some who do reject us in our junk. Unfortunately there are unsafe and toxic people in this world. Be encouraged: not all people or Christ-centered communities are this way!

Don’t give up searching for true community. Hold to the truth that God has promised this to you, even if you aren’t seeing it play out yet.

Keep praying for Christ Jesus to connect you with the ones you are meant to do life with. Don’t neglect to do your part to get out and find them.

Choose courage no matter what has happened in the past. Be brave enough to go deep in a spiritual family.

Stay long enough to find out that God does beautiful things through His people, not only being His hands and feet to the world, but also displaying His heart to one another as we do life together through every up and down.

I know for one that I am glad I chose to be brave enough to do that. We can trust that God will meet us there, not only in the midst of His people but through them.

Experiencing God’s Love in Community