Honest Worship: With All We Are (Book Review)

I recently read a new book about worship. The book, Honest Worship by Manuel Luz, is written for more than just worship leaders, singers and musicians; it is for every believer.

Honest Worship provokes us to stay true to the heart of worship and the heart of what it means to be in relationship with God. The book covers topics about worshiping God with the entirety of our lives. It includes our weekly worship services but also branches out into every aspect of our lives.

This book is an asset to Christ’s Body today, where worship has often become confined to a worship time once per week, littered with distractions and a focus on outward things rather than the heart connected with Jesus and obeying His commandments.

Reminding us of what worship truly is, Honest Worship brings us to the crux of the matter: Worship is not about a feeling or experience, nor a time and place for us to have it our way or be entertained at church.

Luz states,

“Instead of seeking communion with God, we often seek experiences of God… When we do, we’re in danger of revering the experience more than the Person.”

I love the points the book makes concerning this. How often do we look for feelings related to experiences with God, or to results through miracles and blessings and healings, rather than engaging with God for only Himself?

Honest Worship repeatedly emphasizes that worship is much more. Worship is displayed in living out what Christ calls us to every day—following Him while denying ourselves for His sake.

Each chapter has potential to realign us, reminding us to love God with all of ourselves—in all we think, say and do. As one example concerning loving others as God loves, the author beautifully states:

“…clearly a life of worship—loving God with our whole self—is a life concerned with the needs and struggles of our neighbor.”

If you pick up this book, expect the truths within to reveal things in need of God’s transformation. Each chapter helps propel us to seek realignment with God’s heart and purposes in different areas, that we may do our part in displaying His love on earth as His people.