Update 01-28-19: February Is an Eventful Month for the Prayer Room!

February is an exciting month for FHOP’s Prayer Room!

Recently we hosted an opening reception for The Prayer Room. The reception was a joyful event. The gathering included worship, prayer, food and the dedication of the prayer room, reading from 2 Chronicles 5:11-14. We were slated to meet from 7:00-9:00pm, yet ended up worshiping for over four hours!

Our FHOP Team led worship as well as others from around the region. We were excited to see some of the teens and twenty-somethings join us by leading worship sets of their own.

(that’s me on keys!)

We were greatly blessed by the number of people who came. Six counties in our region were represented. Folks who had never experienced a prayer room atmosphere with worship were blessed by the experience. Others asked if we were going to have gatherings like this every Friday!

Additional Prayer Room Hours

Starting Monday, February 4, 2019, we are open for an additional two hours weekly from 12:00-2:00pm, with the aim to eventually expand to four hours every Monday. This is in addition to Thursdays from 7:00-9:00pm, and our “family gathering” weekly on Sundays at 2:00pm for those who consider FHOP their main spiritual family.

Our prayer is for God to bring more volunteers to serve (prayer and worship leaders, worship teams and musicians) so that we can expand these hours in the Prayer Room even more.

Introducing Fountain of Hope Ministry!

Also in February, our pastor leaders are launching a prayer support group called Fountain of Hope for loved ones of those in addictions, meeting in one of the rooms at the Prayer Room. The group will begin meeting every first Tuesday monthly from 7:00-8:00pm.

The mission of Fountain of Hope is to bring hope and encouragement to these family members through God’s Word and provide them with prayer support. You can learn more here.

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