How to Use Trello as a Digital Prayer Journal

From eBooks to digital planners and note-taking, many are going paperless. So why not make our prayer journals digital too? Going digital means your prayer journal is always available to add a prayer request on a phone or tablet. And no more lugging around a larger journal. So have you ever thought of making your prayer journal digital as well?

Various apps could be used for digital prayer journaling. However, an excellent app you may not think of for the task is Trello. Trello is a versatile app for organization, team work, planning and more. It has a myriad of uses: planning a wedding or special celebration; organizing a move or trip; lesson plans or sermon prep; collaborating with a team for work or ministry and more.

My uses for Trello have included:

  • A Weekly & Monthly Planner
  • Meal Planning (including checklists for ingredients and cost)
  • Music Ministry Planning (new song rotation, song lists, etc.)
  • Social Media Management
  • Project Management

You can even find lots of Trello Board “templates” to copy to your own account as a new board, or just to get ideas for ways you can use the app.

Trello is available for phones and tablets, and has a web-based interface for computers. It syncs across all your devices as well and the best part: It’s free for most features you would need.

How It Works

Trello allows you to create boards for different projects, etc. Within those boards you can create lists and then add cards under the lists.

As you see above, this is an example of a digital weekly planner use for Trello. (Note: This is just a made-up week to show you how it works!)

Each day has a list, and then you add cards underneath. It’s easy to change the order of cards within a category or move them to another list. When you click on a card, it’s sort of like turning over a labeled index card to look on the back. There you can add checklists, comments, important information (like the address for an appointment), etc. You can also add colored labels to categorize cards, events or tasks (e.g. orange for errands or appointments, blue for home tasks, etc.)

This is just the beginning of things you can do with Trello! It has many integrations and a feature called Power-Ups that allows you to do all kinds of things, such as voting on cards (helpful for meal ideas shared with family!) or repeating a card each week (which I have used for worship set planning checklist cards).

Trello as a Digital Prayer Journal

Trello is a great option for a prayer journal. You can easily move cards around, add prayer requests or Scriptures you are praying and more. You can even created a list for Answered Prayers, moving cards there when the prayer is answered!

Two ways I recommend creating a Prayer Journal Board are either:

  • Topical Prayer Board: This board includes a list for different topics such as your personal needs, your family, your community, the Global Body of Christ, etc.
  • Weekly Prayer Board: This board includes a list for each day of the week paired with a topic to pray on for that day.

I created starter boards for each that you can copy to your own Trello account for private, personal use. Below are partial screen captures of each prayer board. Click on each to see a larger view:

2022 Update: A free app called has recently become my app of choice. Just like Trello, Notion also offers the ability to create Kanban style boards as one of its many features. If you prefer, you can easily use the Notion app to create your prayer journal board instead.

Notion Templates: Topical Prayer Board Template | Weekly Prayer Board Template

So, do you want to create your own digital prayer journal? First, head over to and create an account!

Next, copy the prayer board of your choice to use privately in your Trello account:

  1. Go to the board you want to copy in your browser. The prayer boards are here: Topical Prayer Journal Board | Weekly Prayer Journal Board
  2. Tap or click on Show Menu on the right hand side.
  3. In the menu that pops out, choose More near the top.
  4. Follow the list of options until you see Copy Board and tap it.
  5. Give your board a title.
  6. I recommend leaving the Keep Cards option selected because some of the topics and examples included on these boards are cards you’ll need. You can edit or delete the ones you don’t need later.
  7. Tap on Create!

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How I Use Trello as a Digital Prayer Journal

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