A Resurrection Story

A Resurrection Story

I was broken and lost but I didn’t know it. Hopeless, lonely and unsatisfied with life. I believed there was a God, but this did me little good. Why? Because I didn’t actually know Him. I believed but I didn’t know I was supposed to have a relationship with Him. I didn’t even know I could.

Always searching, I was aching for fulfillment, yearning to be loved. I longed for something of substance and worth in this life. I found myself trying to figure out who I was and find someone who truly loved me. Yet I was empty still. I didn’t truly know what I was looking for.

Little did I know I’d find everything I was looking for one night while playing flute in an orchestra. More so, Someone would find me.

That One Night

Colors and lights and sounds filled the atmosphere of the auditorium. Singers and actors told the story of Christ from the Gospels.

Hidden behind the veil of the stage, I played my flute in the orchestra. Little did I know what was to come. I was about to have an encounter with the One who ripped an even thicker veil out of the way for me, the veil to the Holy of Holies where God dwelled.

That veil existed because of my sin, which had separated me from Love and Truth. Now I would find out the veil had been torn and my sin was atoned for, if only I would believe and be bought back to be with God, forgiven forever.

Soon I would not just believe in God, I would enter into that relationship with Him through His Son Jesus. I would discover that His very life was given for mine out of the greatest love I could ever know.

The Piercing of His Truth

In a timeless moment, a singer began the second to last song of the night. As the words sounded, my heart came to know that God was the One I’d been longing for all along. His truth pierced through the pain in my soul and set me free.

“There are no strangers, there are no outcasts…”

The rejection which had wounded me was being washed from my soul. The brokenness inside had been dealt with because of the pierced hands and wounded feet of my Savior.

“There are no orphans of God.

Tears soaked my cheeks. Suddenly I found where I belonged. I was no longer alone in a sea of people, hoping for something better to come along. Love beckoned my heart from the beginning of time, and now I possessed ears to hear that Christ Jesus was the One who is love Himself. Love saturated my sore heart, love which I had ached for all my life.

It seemed as if He was calling my name as He called out to my true identity as His beloved.

The final song sounded its haunting Celtic undertones. In Christ Alone reverberated through the sanctuary. The actor playing Christ was lifted up as a representation of Christ’s rising from death to life again.

The tears that fell from my eyes turned to drops of glorious joy as His light shone down and filled me to the core. Now I understood: I was loved.

The Message of Hope and Life

Words united with what I felt within as the Gospel was proclaimed: Christ gave it all for me to be free from sin and delivered from its consequence: death. If I would only come, repent and believe. In doing so, He would make me new. My old life would be no more and my new life in Him would bring contentment. Then I could live knowing I will experience full satisfaction in eternity instead of being plagued with this feeling of being unsatisfied on earth.

I was once in darkness. Once dead, but now alive in His glorious light. This is my testimony, my resurrection story. Are you ready to start yours?

Yet this is more than my story or yours. Above all, this is the history of the resurrected Christ, Jesus my Lord, the Lover of our souls. This God-Man was resurrected in a one-flew swoop of death-killing, sin-conquering power. Once dead, He is now alive. If not for Him, none of us could live. Are you ready to receive the ultimate gift of true life?

A Resurrection Story

One thought on “A Resurrection Story

  1. There is no greater story than to know you are loved, is there? To know that the One who created you, died for for and loves you more than you could ever love yourself. This is the heart that beats for you and waits with baited breath just to hear your voice. Truly His love for us must be our life. There can be no other way. His life for ours, our life for His. Once lost, now found, we lose ourselves in the One who has loved us since before time. Thank you Jesus for this story of resurrection.

    Homer Les


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