Seven Free Apps for Your Walk with God

We seem to spend a lot of time on our phones or tablets these days. We grab our phones to check the weather forecast only to realize several minutes later our focus has been hijacked. Suddenly we realize we’ve been scrolling Instagram and lost track of time. We may have even forgotten to check the weather at all!

Installing apps to help our spiritual life may seem like a stretch, but this can be an incentive to spend some time with God, in prayer or in the Bible rather than browsing the web or Facebook. But how?

Instead of vegging on social media or Youtube, we can go for our Bible app or another spiritual app when we grab for our phones. Then we can redeem the time by giving that time to Jesus and our spiritual growth instead.

Tip: “Hide” the apps that distract you most! Put them in folders or on a home screen view several swipes away. Then move a faith app or two to the first screen you see instead.

Below are seven free apps I have used and recommend for your walk with God.

1. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is my go to Bible study tool. It contains over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, commentaries, and access to the Strong’s concordance and more to discover the Hebrew and Greek meaning behind words in the Scriptures. Advanced word study searches, note taking and highlighting is available as well.

Download: iOS | Android

2. First 5

First 5 is an app from Proverbs 31 Ministries with the aim to help you put God first each day. You’ll find a passage of Scripture for each day followed by a short teaching to help you grow in your study and understanding of the Bible. Hint: Go to the “Plans” icon on the bottom right of the app to get started.

Download: iOSAndroid

3. International House of Prayer

IHOPKC‘s app is a must have for me and I highly recommend it. The ministry has a web stream with prayer and worship playing live 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can tune in live via audio or video, or you can play a two hour set from the archives from the categories offered: Worship with the Word, Intercession (with worship) and Devotional. They also have a Roku channel with access to the web stream.

Download: iOS | Android

4. Pray As You Go

Pray As You Go is a ministry that seeks to help you pray and reflect with God on His Word. The audio is playable through their app or via any podcast platform. Six days a week you will find a podcast audio with sacred music, prayer and a Scripture reading with questions to reflect on. This app helps us slow down for five to ten minutes each day to reset our hearts and minds on the Lord. This app is a breath of fresh air after a busy day to slow our pace into reconnecting with God.

Download: iOS | Android

5. Pray the Gospels

This app presents you with a short passage from one of the Gospels each day (going in order) to use in the practice of Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is about meditation on the Word of God, reading the passage and asking the Holy Spirit to highlight specific things to you as you do, and then conversing with the Lord about it (listen to a video or read more about Lectio Divina). This is a great go-to app when you aren’t sure where to start or want to engage in the spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina.

Download: iOS | Android

6. Prayer Notebook

Prayer Notebook is an app for recording prayer requests and organizing a prayer list. Pray full screen without distractions and schedule reminders to pray daily, weekly, monthly or a specific day. Other features include organizing prayers into categories, adding photos to prayers, and marking prayer requests as answered.

Download: iOS

Note: Prayer Notebook app doesn’t have an Android app at this time. As an alternative, android users can check out Echo Prayer.

7. Reimagining the Examen

The Examen is a way of praying in examination of your day with God’s help. You look for moments when you were drawing toward God or pulling away from Him during the day. Then take time to give God thanks and ask forgiveness where needed. This is a great help for growing in the fruits of the Spirit and responding to yourself and others with the love of Christ.

Reimagining the Examen is based on this Examen Prayer. The app loads a topic each day, but you can also select from a different one if you’d like. Topics include: My Daily Habits; My Greatest Fear; My Relationship with God; Asking for Grace; Thoughts, Words and Deeds; Gratitude and more.

Download: iOS | Android

There is also a Spanish version–Redescubrir el Examen: iOS | Android

I pray you will find some or all of these apps beneficial to your walk with Christ!

Did a specific app interest you? Do you have another app to suggest? Share in the comments!

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