Seven Free Christian Apps for Your Walk with God

Seven Free Christian Apps for Your Walk with God

Christian apps can help our spiritual life. Though it may seem like a stretch, this can be an incentive to spend more time with God, as well as praying or reading the Bible instead of browsing Facebook or the Internet.

Installing apps related to our Christian faith is a good idea for those of us who spend so much time on our phones already. Grabbing our phones to check the weather, we end up on social media. Suddenly we find we’ve been scrolling Instagram for half an hour and have lost track of time. We may have even forgotten to check the weather at all. Anyone else?

Instead of vegging on social media or Youtube, we can go for a Bible app or other Christian apps when we grab our phones. We can redeem the time by giving time to Jesus and our spiritual growth instead.

Tip: “Hide” the apps that distract you most! Put them in folders or on a home screen view several swipes away. Then move a faith app or two to the first screen you see instead.

Here are the seven free Christian apps and one bonus app.
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1. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is my go to Bible study tool. It contains over 30 Bible versions, audio Bibles, commentaries, and access to the Strong’s concordance and more to discover the Hebrew and Greek meaning behind words in the Scriptures. Advanced word study searches, note taking and highlighting is available as well. It is also less distracting than the popular YouVersion Bible app and instead of surface-level devotionals, it really gets you deep in the Word itself.

Download: iOS | Android | Amazon Fire

2. My Daily Office

My Daily Office by Manna Software is a Christian prayer app that connects you with the lectionary—the prayers and Scripture much of the global church is praying together each day. Pray the Scriptures and more without distractions and schedule reminders to pray every morning and/or evening. You can add your own personal prayers, pray and read historical prayers, the creeds, topical prayers and more. For daily Scriptures, you can choose the translation of your choice to open when clicking the links. This app is the only one on my tablet and phone I have actually subscribed to yearly (only $8/year). It’s that wonderful!

Download: iOS

3. Biblical Training

The Biblical Training app is sponsored by, a website where anyone can sign up for Bible classes. The course levels range from new believers (Foundations) all the way through to advanced seminary courses (Institute). Courses can be streamed on your own time, making this doable for anyone to grow in their walk with God and study of the Bible. Courses include “How to Read Your Bible,” “A Guide to Christian Beliefs,” “Essentials of Church History” and “Christian Apologetics.”

Download: iOS | Android

4. Pray As You Go

Pray As You Go is a Christian ministry that wants to help you pray and reflect on God’s Word. The audio is playable through their app or via any podcast platform. Six days a week you will find a podcast audio with sacred music, prayer and a Scripture reading with questions to reflect on.

This app can help us slow down for five to ten minutes each day to reset our hearts and minds on the Lord. Pray As You Go is a breath of fresh air after a busy day to slow our pace into reconnecting with God. Not sure if Pray As You Go is for you? Read a thorough review of this app over at The Samaritan’s Song.

Download: iOS | Android

5. Pray the Gospels

Pray the Gospels presents you with a short passage from one of the Gospels each day for the practice of Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is about meditation on the Word of God, reading the passage and asking the Holy Spirit to highlight specific things as you do. Finally you pray to the Lord based on to the passage (listen to a video or read more about Lectio Divina).

Pray the Gospels is a great go-to app when you aren’t sure where to start or want to engage in the spiritual discipline of Lectio Divina.

Download: iOS | Android

6. First 5

First 5 is a Christian app from Proverbs 31 Ministries. The app’s aim is to help you put God first each day. You’ll find a passage of Scripture for each day followed by a short teaching to help you grow in your study and understanding of the Bible. Hint: Go to the “Plans” icon at the bottom right of the app to get started quickly.

Download: iOS | Android | Amazon Fire

7. Reimagining the Examen

The Examen is a way of praying in examination of your day with God’s help. With the help of the Reimagining the Examen app, you can think about moments when you were drawing toward God or pulling away from Him during the day. Then, take time to give God thanks or to ask His forgiveness where needed, seeking His help to grow in an area of struggle.

Utilizing the Examen is helpful as we seek to grow in the fruits of the Spirit and loving God and others. Reimagining the Examen uses the Examen prayer with different topics, such as: My Daily Habits; My Greatest Fear; Asking for Grace; Thoughts, Words and Deeds; Gratitude and more.

Download: iOS | Android

A Spanish version of the app is also available–Redescubrir el Examen: iOS | Android

Bonus! Logos Bible Study Tools

Logos and Faithlife, LLC offer one of the best apps to help you get in the Word alongside various resources for study. Some of the many features include:

  • Ability to highlight words, phrases and passages in different colors.
  • Take notes and add comments which can be placed in different folders all within the app.
  • Open study Bible notes and commentaries side-by-side or top-to-bottom alongside the Bible translation of your choice.
  • Bible plans for daily reading.
  • Tabbed browsing so you can have your notes open in a tab along with the Bible or other resources in other tabs.

The already included free resources (the Faithlife Study Bible Notes, ESV, HCSB, NKJV and NASB translations to name a few) will easily suffice for most; however, other resources such as study Bible notes, commentaries, etc. do require a purchase or subscription to use. Logos also offers a free base access package specifically for computer users.

Download: iOS | Android | Amazon Fire

I pray you will find some or all of these Christian apps beneficial to your walk with Christ. Did a specific app interest you? Or do you have an app to suggest? Share in the comments!

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