Stop Calling Me Beautiful (Book Review)

Stop Calling Me Beautiful by Phylicia Masonheimer (A Book Review)

An excellent new book is available for Christian women: Stop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World by Phylicia Masonheimer. Phylicia has a passion for theology (“the study of God”) and helping women grow in knowing God and the Bible.

The book’s subtitle speaks to the need of Christian women for something more. Female believers need more than the shallow message of beauty and worth often propagated in women’s Bible studies and conferences. This skin deep message does not go to the root of our needs. Such a message cannot bring lasting victory and transformation.

Women need more than trendy pictures of Scripture and reminders of our beauty. We need to cultivate our relationship with God, understand God’s Word, and apply it to our lives in context.

This is a crucial message in the Body of Christ today, where the messages we hear often focus more on us than God. Feel-good, self-help “sermons” abound and without Jesus they cannot change our hearts and lives.

Topics Covered

Stop Calling Me Beautiful covers various issues faced by women, showing readers how to seek victory through knowing Christ and His truth. These include legalism, anxiety/overwhelm, grief, broken sexuality, cultivating community, fear of man and shame.

Knowing God for Himself is highlighted throughout the book. Phylicia writes about reading the Word for the right reasons: to know God above getting personal insights, freedom, peace, etc. Experiencing the vibrant spiritual life God intended comes only through seeking Him.

A Few Excerpts

“God wants us to experience Him. But experiencing God doesn’t begin with emotion. It begins with desire, and it is accomplished by diligence.”

“Apart from Christ, we are not beautiful, pure, or acceptable because all humankind possesses a fallen nature. Though God originally created humans as perfect creatures, humankind’s sinful choice makes our purity impossible without Jesus… in order to become like Jesus, we must diligently seek Jesus.”

“We don’t go deeper with God by reflecting more on ourselves, or even by reading God’s Word to look for insight about ourselves. Roots of spiritual growth develop as we seek God for who He is and allow Him to do the transforming work in our hearts that we can never do on our own.”

Purchase Stop Calling Me Beautiful on Amazon. Phylicia shares frequently on her blog, Instagram and Facebook. Topics range from teaching theology, studying Scripture and Bible and church history. I also recommend her free Bible Study email course.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this review are my own. Book reviews on the IPFJ website do not equal 100% endorsement or agreement with everything an author writes, believes or stands for.