Prophetic Masquerade: Using God’s Word to Discern True and False Teaching (Book Review)

Prophetic Masquerade: Learn to Use the Word of God to Unmask the Wolves Among the Sheep is a book written by Kevin Kleint. This resourceful book uses God’s Word to help us discern between true and false teachers/prophets and their messages.

I have written about this topic before, highlighting a key element mentioned in the book: Knowing whether the message we’re hearing is leading us to honor God and serve Him, or instead to serve other gods–such as people, self or other forms of idolatry. You can read this post here: Discerning True from False in the Messages Influencing Us.

Prophetic Masquerade states,

“If you compare the words and characteristics of a ‘prophet’ to the Word of God, the matter becomes quite simple.  You just have to be willing to accept what the Word of God says is the truth – and that’s not always easy to do in today’s politically correct, have-it-your-way society.”

This is the challenge of the book: Will we continue to let our ears be tickled because we want to hear something we like, or will we accept the truth of God’s Word and filter what we hear through that?

A few pages later, the author writes of how crucial it is to submit our ideas, opinions and biases to the Scriptures:

“It is vital that you let your man-made doctrines, personal biases and human reasoning submit to the authority of the Word.  The wolves among the sheep will become evident when you do so.”

I have found this to be true in the last several months. As I have sought out the truth of God’s Word in context, many teachings I once thought were biblical turned out to be twisted interpretations of Scripture that are unbalanced and even unbiblical, such as Word of Faith teachings and those from some extremes within the Charismatic movement.

I am grateful God gave me a hunger to know the truth through His Word and search these things out. When I discerned that some of the teachings I was hearing from these well-known teachers were unbiblical, it freed me from a lot of condemnation and striving in my walk with God that wasn’t even in line with the Bible.

The book also expounds on Deuteronomy 13, including the following comment:

“Today’s false prophets will never come right out and say, ‘Hey! Let’s go serve Baal instead of God!’ Instead, they subtly manipulate the Word of God to fit their particular prophecies, changing it to say what THEY want it to say. This hidden deception is disguised with soft, eloquent and CONVINCING speech that will affect a person emotionally, if they don’t know the Word. If weeping, exhilaration or excitement appears, a false prophet will quickly attribute it to the Spirit of God, and the sheep will believe the claim because they ‘felt’ something.”

Highlighting another notable observation, the author says, “false prophets are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!” This is truly something to watch out for. There are leaders who say seemingly amazing, beautiful things that appeal to our fleshly desires, but in the end, they are deceived and deceiving many.

If you aren’t sure whether you are listening to truly sound, Bible-based teachers or wonder if you have been taught false doctrines and ideas, read this book and study the Scriptures explained in it. Actually, even if you are sure you aren’t believing any false teachings, it’s still a must read because you never know when someone you know may need this message as well. We must be aware of these things and learn to rightly divide the Word of God.

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Disclaimer: Book reviews on the IPFJ website do not equal 100% endorsement or agreement with everything an author writes, believes or stands for.

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6 thoughts on “Prophetic Masquerade: Using God’s Word to Discern True and False Teaching (Book Review)

  1. You are so right – if the message doesn’t line up with scripture that’s a problem. Your post made me think about how all those false prophets really just playing to the one who had the power to make them rich and powerful – and that is sad!


  2. A good message and review. Thanks. We must sift everything through the Word of God, pray, and pause until we get a firm understanding of what is being taught. Good teachers will tell you that.


  3. Amanda, yes! We stand on the Word of God! It’s our guide and nothing or no one can take away the truth that lies therein. I am so grateful to have full access to those pages … your post today encourages me to be more faithful in reading and cherishing that time with Him.

    Bless you …

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    1. Yes, His Word is sufficient and I am so grateful for it as well! The more I learn, the more I hunger for His truth in the Word. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment today. Blessings!


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