Staying in the Word When You Feel Stuck

Everyone experiences days or even seasons of feeling stuck in one area of life or another. The same even happens in our devotional lives, whether in prayer or Bible reading. Staying in the Word can be especially difficult when you feel stuck.

Even if we have a tried and true daily Bible reading plan, we can feel like we’re in a rut at times. Maybe we’re facing greater stress in our lives, the loss of a loved one or a heftier daily schedule. This feeling may last for a week or just a day; nonetheless, it can become quite frustrating.

Continue reading for ideas for staying in the Word even when you feel stuck.

1. Change things up.

Sometimes when we struggle to stay in the Word because we feel stuck, it may be the plan we’ve chosen isn’t quite right for the season we’re in. Know this: It’s okay to change it!

Maybe instead consider a five day per week Bible reading plan to provide more margin in your devotional time, or perhaps the chance to do a different study on the weekend. This can lower any pressure you might feel, and keep boredom at bay as you change this up on the weekends in your devotional life with God.

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2. Allow yourself to venture off-plan.

Similar to the first suggestion (but not as permanent), don’t be afraid to let yourself venture off your Bible reading plan temporarily. Maybe something stressful or difficult is happening in your life and you just need to simplify for a while. Doing so can help build your trust in God and receive needed encouragement to persevere through the trials.

One idea is to simply take time off from your plan for a month spent in a different book of the Bible, maybe alongside a Bible study to help you along the way. When and if you return to your original plan, don’t worry about catching up if you want to stay in the timing of that plan. Just start wherever the plan would have you on the date you return to it.

3. Read a Psalm or favorite chapter.

When you feel stuck, staying in the Word may be as simply as making a change for just a day or a week, whether once or regularly.

Try reading a Psalm or favorite chapter. Pick a Psalm and spend time praying it as well. Or go back to a beloved chapter in the New Testament and remember why it means so much to you as you spend time with God.

Take your time and don’t feel pressured to get specific results. Simply to read God’s Word and pray, slowing down to spend time with Him without guilt or expectations.

4. Journal your struggles into prayers.

Sometimes we just need to give ourselves time to release the concerns filling our minds before trying to push ourselves into Bible reading or study. Take time to journal your thoughts, casting your anxieties upon the Lord as you do. Write… and write… and write until you feel done. As you journal, write these things into prayers to the Lord or pick some items from what you wrote to pray when you are finished.

Our devotional time isn’t about perfection. Sometimes staying in the Word when we feel stuck means we need to journal and pray first. We can trust the work of God’s Holy Spirit to bring us to remembrance of His Word which we have already read and studied on another day, encouraging us and helping us continue to live for His glory alone.

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Don’t Let Feeling Stuck Stop You

Don’t let feeling stuck stop you. Keep coming to the Lord even if you struggle or fall short. Simplify: Pray, journal, change it up or just read the Word without deep study for that day or week. Try some of these suggestions and don’t let the guilt you feel in these moments get in the way. Bookmark or print this article so you can remember these ideas when you feel stuck and need help staying in the Word.

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