The Foundation for Our Passion for Jesus

Passion, emotion and zeal will only help us to a certain point. Their fuel is fickle and often mixed with that which can hinder, hurt and hold us back. I’ve been there, what about you?

My emotions and experiences used to be the basis for how I perceived my relationship with God and my “performance” in this life. This led to some good times, but mostly to feelings of condemnation because—as you know—none of us can measure up to God’s standard. This is why the Gospel is such good news! Christ Jesus paid the price for us: Our righteousness is based on His performance, not ours. Thank goodness!

So what should the foundation of our passion for Jesus be based on?

The foundation for our passion for Jesus Christ must be centered on a true knowledge of who He is, His characteristics and ways. Our passion for Jesus cannot be ruled by what we feel—our emotions and experiences.

All these change and falter, proving themselves unreliable in how we perceive God and our relationship with Him and others. Emotions change, feelings can be wrong to the point that we’ve all heard the saying: “feelings lie.” Faith is not a feeling, so we have to center it on something else to help our passion for God remain steady.

If we allow feelings to lead our relationship with God and the practice of our faith, we may fall prey to self-condemnation, wrong perceptions, false teaching or experience-centered Christianity rather than a faith based on truth and faith that relies on Christ and what He has done for us.

That foundation is God’s Word. Our passion for Christ can have its greatest stability when based on God’s truth in the Bible. When we base our passion for Him on anything else, we are easily tossed to and fro.

When your emotions try to take center stage, remember 2 Corinthians 5:7.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7 (CSB)

As this verse reminds us, may God help us to walk by faith rather than allowing feelings, emotions or experiences rule our lives. He is faithful and unchanging, His Word ever sure. As we seek to walk out lives with passion for Jesus Christ, may its foundation be in God and His truth above all.

4 thoughts on “The Foundation for Our Passion for Jesus

  1. Amanda, hi. Thanks for the reminder that our emotions don’t run the show … and certainly don’t define our faith in Christ. Yes, we pay attention to what they might be whispering to us, but our faith is built on a strong foundation that never changes like shifting sand.


  2. There’s a lot of truth in your post, Amanda! It took me a while to learn that I mustn’t let emotions rule my decisions and my perceptions. When we filter our lives through the truths of God’s word, we can live passionately and keep us grounded when life goes sideways.

    I think your post would be an encouragement to others over at the Tell His Story linkup, found on my site. It would be wonderful if you linked up there.


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