Cultivating a Habit Called Faith: A Devotional Resource

I recently finished a 40-day devotional by Jen Pollock Michel titled A Habit Called Faith. Each devotional reading is paired with Scripture, taking the reader through most of Deuteronomy and the entire Gospel of John. The book includes discussion questions and a chapter from the above Scriptures to read each day. I typically do not use devotionals; however, I actually purchased this one by accident after a friend sent me the link (a tap and scroll mishap!) So I decided I should definitely read this one!

A Habit Called Faith became a daily enjoyment and encouragement in my walk with the Lord as I read along. The author’s insights highlighted elements in the Scripture that are easily glossed over, helping the reader connect the Old and New Testament readings with God’s purpose in sending Christ. This devotional is a worthy tool to add to your arsenal. Each day’s reading will help you cultivate a habit of trusting God and faithful living. In A Habit Called Faith, you will dive deep into the redemptive purposes Jesus fulfilled through Deuteronomy and John’s Gospel.

Author Jen Pollock Michel communicates the importance of viewing faith habits not as religious ritual that leave us empty but authentic ways to pursue growth in relationship with God. It is full of purpose as we seek to know, love and obey God, intentionally seeking to practice our faith in a way that demonstrates love for God and others.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

“…the Bible is God’s book—and God’s story. As we turn its pages, we look to grow in understanding of God’s character: how he loves, why he forgives, what he promises.”

“To love God with all of our heart, with all of our soul, and with all of our might, we will need more of his help to keep at the habit of remembering.”

“Christian faith . . . is not a grappling with ideas about God. Instead, it’s an encounter with—and surrender to—the living, speaking God of Jesus Christ: the God to be seen and touched and heard. As the Evangelist tells us at the end of his Gospel, John hasn’t written simply to convey information about this Jesus. Rather, he wants us to believe in Jesus as the Christ, the Sent One, the Son of God—and to have life in his name.”

The devotional ends in a way that touched me deeply, because the truths quoted were those I once sung verbatim even before God opened my eyes in salvation: “Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again”. Those words in the book are followed with the question, “How will you respond?” And I am so grateful that God moved upon my heart to respond to Him, enabling me to come to Him and believe these truths in my own heart. In this another great habit of faith was brought to mind: remembering what God has done, remembering when He brought us to Himself in salvation.

I highly recommend A Habit Called Faith and consider it one of my favorite books so far this year. Would you like to learn more or purchase this devotional book? Find A Habit Called Faith on Amazon.

Disclaimer: Book reviews on the IPFJ website do not equal 100% endorsement or agreement with everything an author writes, believes or stands for.

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