Dealing with Distractions

Our fascination with Christ’s heart can increase daily. As we ponder His sacrifice of love, we will grow in love for Him. As we reflect on the beauty of His character, worldly cravings will fade. In studying His Word, we will grow in passion for Him. This is surely easier said than done of course. … Continue reading Dealing with Distractions

Rawness Faced in Prayer

When we pursue a deeply close relationship with Jesus, we often come face to face with the deepest longings within our souls. Yearnings seem to ache and cry out from the depths of us in the midst of life’s noise, needing to be fulfilled. Even more, we stumble upon the slippery river rocks of our … Continue reading Rawness Faced in Prayer

How to Pray God’s Word

Below are some examples in how to pray verses from the Bible. I pray these will help you grow in your prayer and devotional life with God. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (Genesis 1:3) Prayer: God, all You have to do is speak & it will be. This is … Continue reading How to Pray God’s Word