We All Worship Something

We all worship something. Be it ourselves, a sports team or celebrity, material goods and money, the latest trend, a job or God. Where do you put all your time and energy? (Or where do you wish you could put all your time and energy?) How would you most want to spend a day if … Continue reading We All Worship Something

Worship Misconceptions

It may surprise some of us that there are people who think that worship is for us instead of for God. Many also see or treat worship as entertainment (worship-tainment as some call it). Worship does benefit us, but it is something that we do for God. I was incredibly surprised myself to find that … Continue reading Worship Misconceptions

In Awe of the Savior

What does our worship of our King look like? Are we moved and in awe of the Savior? Are we inspired with passion to know Him and make Him known? Do our souls leap within us, stirring a song of thanksgiving to pour forth from our lips? Jesus sacrificed it all for us. We could … Continue reading In Awe of the Savior

Worship Leading & Music Ministry

Here are several articles of interest to worship leaders and others serving in music ministry.