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Update 08-30-18: Salvation, Healing and FHOP’s Regional Gatherings

It has been a busy season and I apologize for the lack up updates about my prayer missionary endeavors. I wanted to share some news from the summer as FHOP meets at our current location in the store.

It’s been a challenge at times which comes with meeting in a less-than-typical gathering space, but it’s awesome to see how God is reaching others who walk through the doors even without knowing they were coming for more than a simple purchase!

A Testimony of Salvation and Healing

During one gathering, a person came into the store thinking the store was still open.  As they looked around, they began to be so touched by the peace of God and His presence as we worshiped and as our leaders shared prophetic words.

As the person began to thank us for this before leaving, we offered to pray for them. In the end, they received prayer and were encouraged by prophetic words and prayer specifically for them. They also received healing in their body and gave their life to Jesus!

It was such a blessing to watch as God spoke to them of His love. Earlier that day it had been on my heart to pray for any who came to our gathering to know His radical love for them and how Father God went to the greatest lengths so they could know Him through His Son.

Regional Worship and Prayer Gatherings

We continue to hold regional worship and prayer gatherings as schedules allow. We held our gathering in March at our own location and in June held a regional gathering at the Community Prayer Room in Franklin, NC.

In Sylva we were encouraged as we watched those in attendance focus on both praying on their own as well as sharing prayers on the mic for us all to intercede together.

In Frankin it was a blessing to see those we have not been able to fellowship with in a while and join together in community, prayer and worship. We had such a sweet time together singing and seeking the Lord.

We also hope to have a regional gathering at The Fig Tree in Waynesville as soon as we can do so.

To read more about FHOP, visit FHOP’s website.

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Honest Worship: With All We Are (Book Review)

I recently read a new book about worship. The book, Honest Worship by Manuel Luz, is written for more than just worship leaders, singers and musicians; it is for every believer.

Honest Worship provokes us to stay true to the heart of worship and the heart of what it means to be in relationship with God. The book covers topics about worshiping God with the entirety of our lives. It includes our weekly worship services but also branches out into every aspect of our lives. Continue reading

Experiencing God’s Love and Freedom in Spiritual Community

Did you know that some of the lies we struggle with can be extinguished as we do life in community? 

There are some lies we can be set free from especially as we do life with others in community. Things that can only be proven to us when we are not alone, not isolated nor in hiding. I’ve recently learned this in a big way in the midst of my own Christ-centered spiritual family.

As someone both in spiritual community and in leadership, I was so afraid to let my guard down. By choosing to face my fears, I discovered that I can stop trying to be perfect and that I don’t have to act like I’m okay when I’m not. I’ve discovered I can be the “still-in-process” me around them.

I’ve come to know that I can share my pains and struggles, knowing God will meet me there and display His love through them. I’ve seen the love of Jesus in the people of the house of prayer where I have planted myself.

Some of the lies that can be confronted in community include the fear of being rejected, abandoned, or hurt by people. Other lies relate to feeling like you don’t measure up, or that you have to be perfect or good enough to be loved or accepted. Continue reading

Squashing Religious Hindrances: The Ragamuffin Gospel (Book Review)

Far too often the truth of God’s grace has been polluted with legalism, rules and religion, hindering the children of God from the fullness of a life-giving, intimate relationship with their Creator-Father, from receiving the acceptance and love purchased for them by Christ on Calvary.

I recently read a book that helps fight against this battle which so often hinders one’s relationship with Christ and Father God. This book, The Ragamuffin Gospel by the late Brennan Manning, is a must read book that brings us back to this central truth of the Gospel of grace. Continue reading

Go Deep Right Where You Are: Come Matter Here (Book Review)

Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher brings us an important message: “Be where your feet are.” Stay, go deep with others and make a difference where you are.

We often tend toward spending our lives waiting for the next big thing, that call to a certain place or event in our lives. So few stay put and make a difference right where they are.

We can’t all go to the big ministry organization or other countries, and that’s okay because the place is not the point. Some of us have to stay and reach those around us right here, to build God’s Kingdom right where we are. Whether a small town or the big city, a tiny church or just our family, these people matter just as much. Continue reading