Comfort in the Trials

If you are experiencing difficulties or challenges, know God sees you. Know His heart is for you. He answers when you cry out to Him. Don't be afraid to call upon Him in your time of need. The Lord is able to lead us by His Spirit far better than any human being. He is … Continue reading Comfort in the Trials

There Is More to Worship

There is greater meaning to living a life of worship than singing or meeting once in a while at a gathering. There is so much more to worship. We are called to exalt Jesus not simply through a word spoken or a song sung, but by the giving of our lives. We are called to … Continue reading There Is More to Worship

Seeking God Early

There is a preciousness to be discovered in rising early to be with the Lord. I've found this to be the best time to spend with Jesus. Before anything else holds me back, I awaken the day to be with this One who never slumbers nor sleeps. It is probably your quietest time of day. The … Continue reading Seeking God Early

Roses Have Thorns: Allowing God to Refine Us

Sometimes our journey of friendship with God isn't all roses. Roses are beautiful and lovely in appearance and fragrance. They are given to show love, that we are held dear to the heart of the Giver. But roses also have thorns. When we pick up a rose, we are careful to avoid grabbing the stem … Continue reading Roses Have Thorns: Allowing God to Refine Us

Satisfaction in a World of Strength and Vanity

In today's world, we see much about humanity. We hear about the power of humanity, the strength of man, the wisdom of man, and so forth. Unless it is the Lord working through us, our strength is nothing. Compared to His might, our strength is lighter than even a feather. Man's strength can be a … Continue reading Satisfaction in a World of Strength and Vanity