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Somewhat more personal posts sharing heart-felt words and prayers.

A Resurrection Story

I was broken and lost and I didn’t know it. Hopeless, lonely, unsatisfied with life. I believed there was a God, but little good that did me because I didn’t get to know Him. I didn’t know I was supposed to have a relationship with Him. I didn’t even know I could.

I was searching nonetheless, searching for fulfillment, searching for love. I longed for something of substance and worth in this life. I found myself trying to figure out who I was and find someone who truly loved me. Despite this, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I  didn’t know what I expected to find. Continue reading

Will We Worship God Wholeheartedly?

Jesus died on the cross in order that our sins may be forgiven, that we could have a restored relationship with God by His sacrifice. Sometimes I think it helps for us to remember all He went through for us. He suffered and died for us. This is huge.

In my own experience, I cannot cease to thank Him for this each and every day, through how I live my life and through worshiping Him with my whole heart.

Let us remember all He has done to reconcile us to the Father, to redeem us and give us life. Let us sing and shout praises to Him and raise our hands to Him in awe. Let our gratitude shine forth from our faces for what God has done for us… because of the indescribably amazing sacrifice of the truest of love that He gave!

May we be speechless because of all He has done. May we reflect on what He has done for us. As you worship with your church or small group, ponder on the words you are singing or hearing, reflect on the Scriptures shared, let your soul be reminded you of how indescribably great our God truly is!

How can we live unmoved without emotion when He has done the unthinkable for us who deserved it not? How can immense thanksgiving not fill our hearts as we exclaim with the Psalmist, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits!” (See Psalm 103 in the Bible.)

We are made to worship!

Will we choose to pour it out to the Creator of the Universe who created us, to the Redeemer who lives forever and made the way for us to have eternal life with Him when He could have simply just left us in the chaos and destruction of our sin?

It should be our desire to worship Him with our whole hearts, to worship and love Him with all the strength of our hearts, souls and minds, in both Spirit and in truth. Even if we feel unable, or don’t think we know how, our hearts should cry out to Him to teach us His ways and to give us hearts and lives that exclaim that He is altogether lovely and worthy of all of our worship and surrender!

As Psalm 150 exclaims, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”

Salvation Testimony (Full)

This is my salvation story. I am immensely grateful God set me free from the lies I believed about Him, the faith and eternal life. I grew up believing the lie that I was saved simply because I believed in God. I didn’t know that I was supposed to have an intimate relationship with Him, nor did I realize it was even an option.

Believing in God is good, but not enough–we have to make Him our Lord, the central part of our lives in a relationship with Him. The Bible says even the demons believe (James 2:19), but we know that these enemies of God will end up in the Lake of Fire.

The Truth About Eternity

Because I didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, I would have been destined for an eternity apart from Him. I would be without the love and goodness I longed for if I had not been set free from these lies.

It is in believing with our hearts and confessing with our mouths that Jesus rose from the dead that we are saved (Romans 10:9-10). Coupled with this, it is entering into a personal relationship with Father God and Jesus that we have eternal life (John 17:3). Jesus even says in Matthew 7:21 that only those who do His will (or in other words, make Him Lord of their lives) will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Unhearing Ears, Unseeing Eyes

I grew up in the Church but during my middle school years our family moved away from our regular church. After moving we rarely attended and even my days at their Catholic school ended a few years later.

I began to become more involved in music: first piano (which I had begun years before with the music teacher and cantor at the Catholic school, then I began learning flute. Music became the biggest part of my life as the years went by. Near the end of middle school, I became involved in the music ministry of a Catholic church about 20 minutes from our current home, mostly going there by myself on Sundays. I felt such joy every week as I drove home from Mass, not realizing it was the Lord drawing me even then.

Though I didn’t know the Lord, I would spend time at our piano picking out some of the hymn melodies and flatten bread as if it was communion. Though my ears were not registering the words of truth, my heart longed for Him without my mind being able to comprehend it.

I am amazed I didn’t truly get the truth of the words we sang weekly—“Christ has died, risen and will come again.” Now that God has brought me to Himself, I live to sing and proclaim this very truth!

Rough Times

My life during the latter high school years through college was often rocky. The shame I felt because of my own mistakes, the wounds of others’ rejection, and the lies I believed about myself caught up to me. I eventually quit going to the church where I had once experienced such joy.

I was searching for what I thought was love in the wrong places, feeling so empty because my emotional needs were not being met and because I felt rejected by most everyone. I felt out of place in the world and would escape into stories I wrote, read or made up in my mind. Depression and anxiety were close friends I desperately wanted relief from. I often experienced such extreme anxiety that I would get physically sick.

Near college graduation and after, I begin to attend church with my mom while visiting family. God began to tenderize my heart during the times of worship. For awhile, I honestly didn’t understand why I was crying! Nonetheless, even her pastor saw the Lord moving on my heart.

Almost There

Some months after graduating, I moved to another city for work. With the few cable channels I had, I saw a local church’s service being replayed in the middle of the night. Something tugged at me and I began to visit the church. Through the people’s warmth and God softening of my heart, I continued to attend even though I was yet to know the Gospel and give my life to Jesus.

That summer a student at my alma mater contacted me to give her flute lessons. Soon after we began, she invited me to play flute with a church orchestra for a Christmas program. Little did I know that God would use her to set up the divine appointment that brought me to Christ.

No Longer an Orphan

One late Fall evening in 2006, hidden behind the veil in the orchestra pit during a performance, I surrendered my heart to the Lord after hearing the Gospel being shared with those in attendance.

Tears staining my cheeks as I heard the song Orphans of God, I came to know Jesus and the perfect Father I had always longed for. That night I found the love I had been searching for, and felt true acceptance for the very first time. I knew I was loved and would be His beloved forever. My life has never been the same!

Newly Found in Christ

You can read a longer (yet less poetic!), more detailed version of my salvation testimony here.

A lot has changed over the last several months and it has stirred me to share, so here I am, beginning a blog. Looking back, I realize that this has been happening for a few years without my knowing exactly what it was–that is, Who it was!

Set free and made new

I’ve grown, learned, starting thinking about things differently, and been reborn. I’ve made discoveries about my life concerning myself and who I am. Some things weren’t actual “discoveries” in regard to this word’s meaning, but things religion and the world had caused me to believe about myself, people, morals, Heaven, etc. have been made right through Jesus Christ.

I know the truth and the truth has set me free. Jesus is Truth and He is the Way! God has finally been allowed to truly enter my life, and He has shown me who I truly am in Him.

Things I’ve learned

Never let the world make you into who you think you are. The world didn’t create you, God did! I often start to regret all the years I spent trying to figure out who I was–in music, in art, in what I do or don’t, in this world and its ways, but I remind myself that God was there even when I didn’t truly acknowledge His presence. He was always there, giving me the ability to know that when I finally found Him, I would discover that nothing else equals truth and love except Jesus and God’s Word.

My way of thinking is changing. It’s refreshing, it’s reassuring, it’s bringing more lasting peace, genuine friendship and real happiness into my life. I now know that only God can provide this; nothing of this world can. Even my values and goals have changed.

I have something to look forward to now and forever, no matter what happens in my life in the here and now. Most of all, I am saved! I now have a relationship with my awesome Creator, Father, Healer, Protector, Stronghold, my Everything, because Jesus Christ paid the price and made the way for me. He showed me the truth and I have received it and given my life to Him.

Growing in God

I’ve been growing in my relationship with God more and more as each day goes by! I used to think I was going to spend eternity in Heaven simply because I believed in God, but as I recently discovered, believing in God and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ are not the same.

I did not know Jesus in a personal relationship or even live in a way that showed I loved Him. In fact, I didn’t love Him at all before because I didn’t know Him at all.

There is a huge difference between believing in Christ as the only way of salvation and surrendering your life to live for Him, versus just believing in God without relationship with Jesus.

Other things have been changing in my life too, but truly having Jesus in my life is why and how all of these things are changing more than anything else ever would or ever could. I’ve become a new person, my true self as God created me to be, through Him and my relationship with Him.

The last few months already I am happier, less stressed, less anxious, less afraid and less worried about how much money I make, where I live or what I can afford to buy. I don’t care what my status is in this world in relation to such things. I can live my life now with fewer outbursts of stress, anxiety, hurt and anger. I’m learning to change my thinking and my attitude toward life and other people in the most positive ways.

I’ve made mistakes, and I still make them. This is how it will always be as an imperfect human being, but I know even more now that it’s worth living a life closer to God (worth more than anything else!), living in a more Christ-like way and in service to Him & the people of this world, giving Him my all because of what He gave in sacrifice for my life. I’ll never be perfect or avoid making mistakes, but I surely want to try! I now have a True Inspiration to do so–Jesus Christ, even more now than ever.

I can’t get enough! Singing, playing, worshiping, praying, serving, reading His Word, thanking Him and feeling His presence. It’s all so amazing. I want to be glorifying Him, worshiping, serving and thanking Him every moment of my life. I’m glad to be truly living in the arms of God, and consciously so, each and every day of my life!