Building the House of Prayer (Update)

In less than two weeks, the Father’s House of Prayer will hold our first regional Worship and Prayer Gathering of 2018. Our vision is to unify believers in our region to pray and to encourage one another in the Lord.

Throughout the year, we will rotate gatherings between Sylva, Waynesville and Franklin, joining with the Fig Tree of Waynesville (where I also lead worship weekly) and MyHOP WNC in Franklin. We are grateful to join in intercession with these like-hearted ministries in our region. That said, this first gathering will be March 24 (see this page for details if you’re interested.)

New Meeting Space

I have yet to share about our new meeting location in the midst of our transition. FHOP began meeting in a new space in our town last month. It is actually in a store–and the store is still being used as well! It’s quite the different arrangement from most churches and ministries, but we are a house of prayer after all. Continue reading

A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

I wanted to share an update about FHOP after my previous update. Some will remember that we, a church and growing house of prayer, recently moved out of a building completely to begin meeting in homes. (We of course continue to have regional worship and prayer gatherings once in a while in larger venues, but as small as we are, we do this only periodically at this time.)

Well, our little forerunner people are experiencing great joy and blessing together as we gather. More of our brothers and sisters are able to share what God is saying or doing in their lives. I personally feel closer to our Body than ever before, being able to truly hear from others and connect on a deeper level.

Some of our recent gatherings have included times where we were able to encourage one another, share testimonies, and even partner with God in seeing a foreign visitor experience immense deliverance and heart healing. Continue reading

The Changing Landscape Before Us

This is a new chapter. The landscape of our local fellowship is shifting from church as usual into what God desires for us.

I find myself also thinking on how my own life’s landscape may change. I’ve begun to wonder if I have put myself in a box in any way, and what advancing God’s Kingdom is truly meant to be for my own life.

When it comes to our God-given purposes, things may not look like what we think they will. When I was a new Christian, I first thought this would be through worship leading in a church setting.

Then it was as a worship leader and intercessory missionary in the house of prayer, which I still long to see in fullness… but at times I wonder if I have put myself in a box per say? I want to stop comparing myself to others. I want God alone to define me, along with every why and every what.

Nonetheless, the expression of the church is changing. We are not a building, but people who are the temple of the Holy Spirit. A new wineskin is being given those who truly want to follow the Lord’s leadership. It is for we who will let go of our own ways, wants and agendas.
Continue reading