Building the House of Prayer (Update)

In less than two weeks, the Father's House of Prayer will hold our first regional Worship and Prayer Gathering of 2018 on March 24 (visit this page for more details). Our vision is to unify believers in our region to pray and to encourage one another in the Lord. Throughout the year, we will rotate gatherings … Continue reading Building the House of Prayer (Update)

A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

I wanted to share an update about FHOP after my previous update. Some will remember that we, a church and growing house of prayer, recently moved out of a building completely to begin meeting in homes. (We of course continue to have regional worship and prayer gatherings once in a while in larger venues, but … Continue reading A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

The Changing Landscape Before Us

This is a new chapter. The landscape of our local fellowship is shifting from church as usual into what God desires for us. I find myself also thinking on how my own life's landscape may change. I've begun to wonder if I have put myself in a box in any way, and what advancing God's … Continue reading The Changing Landscape Before Us

Standing Firm in the Waiting

God has made many beautiful promises to our sweet house of prayer and church. However, for a while now, things in the natural have looked very different from what He has said will come to pass. Regardless of what it looks like, we continue to press into His heart and stand firm because we know … Continue reading Standing Firm in the Waiting

A Time to Pray: Season of Intercession

The Word of God speaks of a time and season for everything under Heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Prayer is to be a constant in our lives as believers, but in this season, a specific call to prayer and fasting for revival and awakening has been released across the Body of Christ. The Lord is calling us … Continue reading A Time to Pray: Season of Intercession