Having a Consecrated Heart, Part 3: Walking It Out

In Part 1, I spoke of what having a consecrated heart means. In Part 2, we covered how Jesus sympathizes with us in weaknesses and trials. In Part 3, I want to share some keys walking all this out. Key #1: It's a Choice and Desire Romans 12:1 says, "I appeal to you therefore, brethren, … Continue reading Having a Consecrated Heart, Part 3: Walking It Out

Having a Consecrated Heart, Part 2: Weak Flesh, Willing Spirit

Part 2 of The Consecrated Heart. At times we may struggle with living lives of consecration before the Lord. Our emotions or flesh may want to take us in other directions, or our own desires may not be aligned with God's Word. Nonetheless, as our hearts grow in love for God, we will continue to fight the good fight of faith, wanting God's will and not our own.

Having a Consecrated Heart, Part 1: What Does That Mean?

Today I want to explain what it means to have a consecrated heart for the Lord. "Consecration is the total abandonment of our will to God's." - Unknown The above quote perfectly defines consecration. Living a life that is consecrated before the Lord means we have no agenda but God's will. It means that we want His will above our own. One who desires to live a life of consecration will find that the above heart posture will greatly affect their relationship with God. It is a posture of humility and love that wants God's desires above one's own which says, "Father, it's about Your heart desires above everything else."