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Update 01-28-19: February Is an Eventful Month for the Prayer Room!

February is an exciting month for FHOP’s Prayer Room!

Recently we hosted an opening reception for The Prayer Room. The reception was a joyful event. The gathering included worship, prayer, food and the dedication of the prayer room, reading from 2 Chronicles 5:11-14. We were slated to meet from 7:00-9:00pm, yet ended up worshiping for over four hours!

Our FHOP Team led worship as well as others from around the region. We were excited to see some of the teens and twenty-somethings join us by leading worship sets of their own.

(that’s me on keys!)

We were greatly blessed by the number of people who came. Six counties in our region were represented. Folks who had never experienced a prayer room atmosphere with worship were blessed by the experience. Others asked if we were going to have gatherings like this every Friday! Continue reading

Update 10-12-18: New Space, Sunday Gatherings and The Prayer Room!

I’m so excited about what is happening at The Father’s House of Prayer, one of the ministries where I serve as a prayer missionary and worship leader.

A New Meeting Space!

After five months of meeting in homes and then in a store for seven months, God has opened the door for us to have our own space again.

Our new space is a second floor space downtown. This is where we felt God wanted us for a long time, but there were some roadblocks along the way which hindered us. We are so grateful the Lord has now made a way for us downtown to serve and bless our community through prayer, worship and more!

Something beautiful awaited us at our new location: The window above the door is etched with a lyric written by Mozart, which is based on Psalm 46:1:

“God is our refuge, our refuge and strength…”

This quote was there before we came; we aren’t sure when or who scribed it there. Nonetheless, it is apparent God had already marked this space to be used for His purposes. God told FHOP–not at all by coincidence–we would be His refuge from the storm for those who come, and here is this very prophetic word written over our new space!

The new space is named “The Prayer Room” and we began meeting there in September.

Sunday Gatherings

Starting 10/14, our weekly gatherings will meet on Sundays at 2:00PM. This gathering will serve as a time for our FHOP family to grow in community and discipleship, to pray for one another and to be equipped as the praying people we are called to be.

We will still meet on Thursdays at 7:00PM as well with one difference: This gathering will become a time of prayer and worship for our community and any who desire to come.

The Prayer Room

Our new space will specifically be designed as a place for believers in our community to unite in worship and prayer. In coming months, we will set a regular schedule for The Prayer Room.

The purpose of The Prayer Room is three-fold:

  • To provide a place set apart to exalt Jesus in worship.
  • To join believers in God’s love and purpose–regardless of church or denomination–unto the fulfillment of Jesus’ prayer for the unity of believers with God and each other (John 17:20-26).
  • To partner actively with God in prayer for His will to be done in our lives and our communities.

Partner With Us

FHOP will soon have giving financially available through the website and mobile devices. We ask for your prayers that God would lead people to partner with us financially so we can fulfill our God-given assignments without hindrance, especially in providing this new giving opportunity.

Join in praying with us for God to bring all those He wants to join in what He is doing in The Prayer Room. Please continue to pray for the work of God’s Kingdom through us in the midst of these exciting happenings.

To read more about FHOP, our mission, location, schedule, etc., visit FHOP’s website.

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Update 08-30-18: Salvation, Healing and FHOP’s Regional Gatherings

It has been a busy season and I apologize for the lack up updates about my prayer missionary endeavors. I wanted to share some news from the summer as FHOP meets at our current location in the store.

It’s been a challenge at times which comes with meeting in a less-than-typical gathering space, but it’s awesome to see how God is reaching others who walk through the doors even without knowing they were coming for more than a simple purchase!

A Testimony of Salvation and Healing

During one gathering, a person came into the store thinking the store was still open.  As they looked around, they began to be so touched by the peace of God and His presence as we worshiped and as our leaders shared prophetic words.

As the person began to thank us for this before leaving, we offered to pray for them. In the end, they received prayer and were encouraged by prophetic words and prayer specifically for them. They also received healing in their body and gave their life to Jesus!

It was such a blessing to watch as God spoke to them of His love. Earlier that day it had been on my heart to pray for any who came to our gathering to know His radical love for them and how Father God went to the greatest lengths so they could know Him through His Son.

Regional Worship and Prayer Gatherings

We continue to hold regional worship and prayer gatherings as schedules allow. We held our gathering in March at our own location and in June held a regional gathering at the Community Prayer Room in Franklin, NC.

In Sylva we were encouraged as we watched those in attendance focus on both praying on their own as well as sharing prayers on the mic for us all to intercede together.

In Frankin it was a blessing to see those we have not been able to fellowship with in a while and join together in community, prayer and worship. We had such a sweet time together singing and seeking the Lord.

We also hope to have a regional gathering at The Fig Tree in Waynesville as soon as we can do so.

To read more about FHOP, visit FHOP’s website.

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Update 03-12-18: Regional Gatherings, Our Current Location and FHOP’s Refined Identity as a House of Prayer

In less than two weeks, the Father’s House of Prayer will hold our first regional Worship and Prayer Gathering of 2018 on March 24 (visit this page for more details). Our vision is to unify believers in our region to pray and to encourage one another in the Lord.

Throughout the year, we will rotate gatherings between Sylva, Waynesville and Franklin, joining with the Fig Tree of Waynesville (where I also lead worship weekly) and MyHOP WNC/Burn 24/7 Smokies in Franklin. We are grateful to join in intercession with these like-hearted ministries in our region.

Our Interesting Meeting Location

I have yet to share about our new current meeting location in the midst of our transition. As you know, we left our old building back in August 2017 at the Lord’s  leading, and temporarily began meeting in homes. Honestly we were not even sure what God had planned after that.

FHOP now has a new (and public) space to hold gatherings. It is actually in a store–and the store is still being used as well! It’s quite the different arrangement from most churches and ministries, but we are a house of prayer after all.

We meet after closing hours of course, although the shop’s owner is a believer who also wants worship happening in the space as much as possible, even during her shop’s business hours. She has a heart to reach others with salvation and healing, and has many testimonies of just that as people open up to her when they visit the store. Wow!

Our transition–still somewhat in process–has been quite good, though with the usual bumps and figuring out of details. We’re currently trying out a second spot for our worship team, and hope to have workshops to equip prayer leaders and worshipers for future gatherings.

Our Refined Identity

God has been refining FHOP’s identity as a ministry over the years, especially in the last few. It has been a labor in intercession and a process of great trust and pruning at times. I am so excited for what the Lord has to come!

God has shown us we are truly a regional house of prayer. We are no longer defining ourselves as a church and are not attempting to fit a mold we are unable to, such as trying to provide services and ministries for which we do not have the means.

Our assignment has been refined as a focus on worship and prayer, and equipping the Body of Christ. We want to see believers in our region connected with God’s heart for prayer and worship, which is the foundation of all else we do as a people. In Isaiah 56:7, God declared the name of His own house would be a “house of prayer.” This is also mentioned in Matthew 21:13, Mark 11:17 and Luke 19:46.

We should probably take note of what Father God Himself called His house. He didn’t say we would be a house of evangelism, service or missions, but a house of prayer.

He also called His house “a house of prayer for all nations.” This shows that we cannot leave out the other aspects God calls us to do. Nonetheless, as Jesus’ overturning of the tables in the temple demonstrated (John 2:13-17), prayer–intimate conversation with God and connection to Him–had to be first place for the other elements of the Kingdom to be rightly sustained. And Jesus was consumed with zeal over our relationship with Him being first place, wow!

Prayers for the Journey

As we grow in walking out this vision, I ask you to join in praying for us and those who are with us. Pray for us to be equipped with the firm foundation God desires: in intimacy with Him, in prayer and worship, and as leaders and examples to others.

Pray the vision will be made plain to all involved, so each one of us are able to walk it out free of hindrances. And that through it all, we will keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

To read more about FHOP, visit FHOP’s website.

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Update 12-04-17: A Beautiful Frontier with the Beautiful Body of Christ

I wanted to share an update about FHOP after my previous update. Some will remember that we, a church and growing house of prayer, recently moved out of a building completely to begin meeting in homes. (We of course continue to have regional worship and prayer gatherings once in a while in larger venues, but as small as we are, we do this only periodically at this time.)

Well, our little forerunner people are experiencing great joy and blessing together as we gather. More of our brothers and sisters are able to share what God is saying or doing in their lives. I personally feel closer to our Body than ever before, being able to truly hear from others and connect on a deeper level.

Some of our recent gatherings have included times where we were able to encourage one another, share testimonies, and even partner with God in seeing a foreign visitor experience immense deliverance and heart healing. Continue reading