We All Worship Something

We all worship something. Be it ourselves, a sports team or celebrity, material goods & money, the latest trend, a job or God. Where do you put all your time & energy? (Or where do you wish you could put all your time & energy?) How would you most want to spend a day if … Continue reading We All Worship Something

Worship Misconceptions

It may surprise some of us that there are people who think that worship is for us instead of for God. Many also see or treat worship as entertainment (worship-tainment as some call it). Worship does benefit us, but it is something that we do for God. I was incredibly surprised myself to find that … Continue reading Worship Misconceptions

Will We Worship God Wholeheartedly?

Jesus died on the cross in order that our sins may be forgiven, that we could have a restored relationship with God by His sacrifice. Sometimes I think it helps for us to remember all He went through for us. He suffered and died for us. This is huge. In my own experience, I cannot … Continue reading Will We Worship God Wholeheartedly?

Facedown Before Him

How can any of us not be overtaken with the desire to bow down or kneel in praise and awe before our Lord? Jesus sacrificed it all for us, we who don't at all deserve this and never will, yet He died for us to renew our relationship with our Creator and to renew the … Continue reading Facedown Before Him