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Sunday Service Rearrangement in the Face of Challenges

This post is apart of Sunday Setlists.

Early service:

  • Choir: The Lord Is the Strength of My Life
  • We Praise You, O God, Our Redeemer
  • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  • Day by Day
  • The Solid Rock
  • The Unseen Hand
  • All Who Are Thirsty

Contemporary service:

  • O Taste and See
  • Let the Praises Ring
  • Hosanna (Baloche)
  • Not To Us
  • Open the Eyes of My Heart
  • Rescue

The day started out interesting for me, and then got more interesting… When I got into the car on the way to the church, I couldn’t stop coughing, and almost gagging. It was sudden, so I almost wonder if it was spiritual warfare (though I prefer not to always make that an easy conclusion for everything).

The coughing ended by the time the morning prayer time was over; however, after the choir met for warmup, one of our pastors informed me that EasyWorship, our worship presentation software, was refusing to function. If that were not enough of a distraction, our projectors were flicking on and off!

Wow. The solution in the face of such technical challenges? We rearranged the service order, placing the choir special after announcements in the beginning to give someone time to photocopy lyric sheets and pass them out to the congregation as a substitution for projecting the lyrics on the screen.

It was actually refreshing to change things up a little, even if it was done in the spur of the moment. At times, I’ve noticed that such occurrences or being faced with our own human (or technical) limitations can cause us to be more sensitive and aware of God’s presence and our vital dependence on Him.

After early service ended, our media tech transferred the second service lyrics directly into Powerpoint, and another tech got a ladder and cleaned the filters on the projectors. God being so faithful, solutions were discovered for each problem. After service, EasyWorship was fixed as well after our Powerpoint person searched the Internet for a solution.

But if you know of alternatives to EasyWorship (Windows-based, even though I use a Mac, they use Windows), Share your thoughts here. I’m curious to know what else is out there.

A fellow worship leader from Ireland, Alastair, and his family are currently on vacation in our area, so they visited during second service. He will probably have a photo or two on his blog when he returns. :)

Encouragement from the Choral Festival

I’ve finally gotten to typing up some of what Guy Penrod (of the Gaither Vocal Band) spoke as he led in worship and ministered to thousands of worship leaders at Christian Supply’s Choral Festival this summer.

May this encourage you greatly:

  • “God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. GOD. LOVES. YOU. He will NEVER hurt you. Your past is forgiven. You’re free. Don’t pick it up again!”
  • “Satan tries to affect you in your thoughts, tries to tell you that you aren’t worthy to lead people in worship. He’s right, BUT… the blood of Jesus covers it!
  • “We are spirit beings having human experiences.” (C.S. Lewis said: You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.)
  • “Thy Word — a lamp unto my feet (Psalm 119:105), not a floodlight, so put tomorrow down!” Let us live NOW.
  • On the song, Take My Life (Holiness): “For me, not from me. Holiness can only come from God, not us. He wants holiness for us, not from us.”

Have some of your own encouragements to share?

Weekend Refreshing at the Choral Festival

This weekend, I attended Christian Supply‘s annual Choral Festival in Spartanburg, SC. I’m tremendously pumped after the time spending learning, worshiping, reading new music and listening to gifted singers and musicians praise the Lord.

I’ll write with more detail later, but wanted to point out how worth it this conference is (as well as the Gathering conference, held at Hilton Head in January), for any worship leader working with church choirs (no matter what the style) or even larger praise teams.

God used this conference to connect me to others in worship ministry and used the workshops to teach me how to be more effective in ministering to others (both choir and congregation) as well as being better equipped as a worship leader and choir director.

I was refreshed by all the new music sung through with the other 3,000 people there, as well as during the worship times each evening. God in particular spoke to me through Friday evening’s time of worship, answering prayers and affirming other things that didn’t yet feel “for sure.” I left that night especially refreshed, amazed by our awesome, loving God, and unable to stop praising Him even after my return to the hotel for the night.

I plan to share more details in a future post, particularly from Friday evening, which featured the Thomas Road Baptist Church’s choir, orchestra and praise team with Charles Billingsley and Guy Penrod.

And if that wasn’t enough of God’s blessing, I won the drawing at the end of the conference — which means I’m going to the winter conference with everything except travel paid for!

I look forward to pouring from my own newly filled and refreshed vessel into those around me this week and onward as I process this eventful weekend.

A Prayer: Let Our Hearts Overflow in Worship

A prayer from my heart as a worship leader:

Lord, I know we truly need to reach the unsaved of this world, but I fear that we’re not starting in the right place. Our own church buildings have people who do not know You or do not know what it means to live a life of worship, serving & glorifying You in all that we do. Yes, those of us who understand this fail many times, but so many are not serving to salt the earth by living as You have called us to.

I see & hear about many who stand motionless & emotionless in worship as we join together, and still others who don’t live their lives as living sacrifices for God, radiating with His love, mercy & compassion to those who cross their paths. What is needed so that believers will be moved to truly worship Jesus as He should be worshiped, to worship extravagantly with whole hearts, in Spirit & in truth, & as He deserves to be worshiped?

No, it isn’t necessarily about singing or the raising of hands as we worship in a corporate service setting, but our response to Your love should be obvious in our worship & in our very lives. Our gratitude should overflow from our hearts in a way that reveals itself in beautiful ways expressed through the effect of our lives on any person who crosses our path in extraordinary ways.

Lord, let our hearts overflow with love and adoration of You. Awaken our hearts to love and bring us back to our first love again.

They Just Stood Waiting for Something, Someone

More than just the usual handful of us were left hungry for God after worship on Sunday. It was an exciting day of services for me as I awaited God’s answer to many of our prayers. (By the way, we have a morning ‘traditional music’ worship service, bible study classes, & then a second morning service of more contemporary worship music.)

Our worship pastor taught a great sermon on the core elements involved in worship (core as an acronym, which was unplanned by him but not unplanned by the Lord! Maybe something for another entry…) This sermon we thought was much needed, & also made the service different for a change with music interspersed throughout to illustrate his points as well as engage the congregation into these elements of worship by actually doing them! Then, after a final worship song & a prayer during the contemporary service in particular, the congregation was dismissed, but all just stood there, waiting for something… Someone! :)

In response, we launched into another song (that was originally planned anyway), & for possibly the first time in our church (at least since I’ve been there), there was the energy of the worship of God pouring through onto the platform from the congregation. Usually, this ‘worship energy’ comes from the platform & stops at some sort of invisible wall that seems to be up, but not this time! The energy of the Spirit of God filled the place & all in it who were truly worshiping!

Our God is faithful, so faithful! What an answer to prayer! I look forward to what He continues to do in the people of our church, & then as His love pours out from our hearts into our community & city! This was definitely a turning point in our church, & we can only thank God for it as He begins to do a mighty work in our church!