Do You Know Jesus

Your Last Breath: Destiny & Love

What is your soul missing? What have you been searching for? What are you in need of? Love? Belonging? Healing or freedom? Something else?

We all ache for wholeness and fulfillment, freedom and an authentic life. In my own life of searching and pain, I discovered it is truly the Lord Jesus alone who satisfies our every longing–nothing and no one else can. I found that He alone has the answers and strength I need.

In Him alone do we find ourselves as we were made to be by our Father who is the Creator.

In my own life, through all the pain that searching often brought, from looking in all the wrong places and to the wrong people, God opened my eyes to find that true love and complete belonging to someone and being someone who truly knows they are loved could only be found in Him.

If You Have Not Given Your Heart to Him, Love Himself Is Calling.

Do you know this awesome Father, so loving and good? Do you know Him who all for love made the way for you to be free from sin and evil, and then restored to the most fulfilling relationship possible, one with Him? Do you realize how intensely He desires to pour out His love on you? Are you longing to feel true love, acceptance & belonging? It is found through Jesus Chris alone who gave His life to restore us to our Father.

Father God gave His Son Jesus to be our Messiah and Lord, to take our sins and the punishment for them, and to purchase our salvation and healing from all diseases of body and soul. He only asks that we believe Him in our hearts who gave His life to free us from sin and was raised from the dead, and confess that He is our Lord. He then invited us to become His disciples, to give ourselves to a life of growing in knowing Him in intimate relationship as our perfect Leader, Savior and closest companion.

Heart and Dogwood Cross

When you do this, you will progressively discover true fulfillment beyond what anything this life or world could offer. He is the most loving of all those you will ever meet, and He made you for a great and exhilarating purpose. He knows you and sees your tears, your dreams and every need. He loves you with a love that never changes!