Must Read Posts

How to Truly Live the Christian Life
Using our time and energy in ways that truly build relationship with Jesus.

Prayer Is Conversation: Growing in Intimacy with God
Practical ways to grow your prayer life during both daily appointments with God and by talking with Him throughout your day.

Preparing to Pray: Organizing Your God Time
Our preparation before we spend time with God helps us avoid distraction and be more fruitful in building our relationship with Him and studying His Word.

Living a Lifestyle of Prayer: 4 Part Series
Helpful instruction on prayer from the attitude of our hearts to practical ways to grow in prayer.

How to Grow in Passion for Jesus
Three simple ways to help grow your passion for Jesus.

Renewing Your Mind in God’s Word
To live an abundant life in God we must be transformed by God’s truth and love. A vital part of this is bringing our minds and souls in alignment by actively spending time in His Word.

When Breakthrough Hasn’t Come
Don’t give up. Jesus is still right there with you. Keep trusting, keeping leaning on Him even in the waiting.

God’s Answer When We Feel Nothing
God wants to paint His very own thoughts and emotions upon the canvases of our souls.

In the Waiting: Unanswered Prayer and Unfulfilled Dreams
What is God trying to say to us in seasons of waiting for answers to prayer and unfulfilled dreams?

How to Guard Your Heart: The Online Edition
We often hear about guarding our hearts in relationships and entertainment, what about guarding our hearts while using social media and browsing the Internet?