Stop Calling Me Beautiful (Book Review)

Stop Calling Me Beautiful by Phylicia Masonheimer (A Book Review)

An excellent new book is available for Christian women: Stop Calling Me Beautiful: Finding Soul-Deep Strength in a Skin-Deep World by Phylicia Masonheimer. Phylicia has a passion for theology ("the study of God") and helping women grow in knowing God and the Bible. The book’s subtitle speaks to the need of Christian women for something more. Female believers … Continue reading Stop Calling Me Beautiful (Book Review)

The Organized Quiet Time: Preparing Ahead for Bible Study

The Organized Quiet Time - Preparing Ahead for Bible Study

How we prepare for time with Jesus can affect the quality of that time. It's important to be organized ahead of our quiet time, otherwise we will more easily be distracted. I know that implementing the tips below has helped me immensely with how easily I can be distracted. Our pre-Bible study preparation matters, both … Continue reading The Organized Quiet Time: Preparing Ahead for Bible Study