People of Intimacy with Christ

You and I are called to be people of intimacy with God. We were made for a close relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Though distractions abound, we are not alone: God's Spirit is our Help. The Lord is our first love and He loves us extravagantly. Despite life's challenges, our pursuit is this: be rooted in relationship … Continue reading People of Intimacy with Christ

Connecting with God: Dealing with Distractions

Our fascination with Christ's heart can increase daily. As we ponder His sacrifice of love, we will grow in love for Him. As we reflect on the beauty of His character, worldly cravings will fade. Seek Him consistently and you will find yourself longing to be with Him more and more. This is surely easier … Continue reading Connecting with God: Dealing with Distractions

In the Waiting: Unanswered Prayer and Unfulfilled Dreams

When we come face to face with our unanswered prayers, wondering why God does not answer our prayers quickly enough, we cannot give up or get into self-pity. Nor can we build a mindset around trying to figure out how to get our prayers answered faster or how we can fulfill our God-given dreams and … Continue reading In the Waiting: Unanswered Prayer and Unfulfilled Dreams

God’s Presence: What Is It Really?

The Lord wants companions and friends, not simply distant acquaintances who just want to feel the good vibes in the room because He is there. Jesus wants to be our Best Friend and Highest Priority, just as we are His. He wants to be with us, and He wants us to be with Him.

The Alabaster Box

She too was not esteemed by man. They saw her and they saw sin. They saw her and they said, "worthless." They saw a past lived in wretchedness. They saw pointless, purposeless. Maybe you too have been perceived in this way before, or have even seen yourself in this way. He saw treasure. He saw … Continue reading The Alabaster Box