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Desperately Reaching for God

I think so often the Lord is waiting for me to come to Him, to find myself lost in Him. I fight distractions a lot.

Today I tried so many times to get alone with the Lord in the midst of visiting family as I am needing His refreshing, and each time when I would just get settled in something not ignorable would get in the way.

I’m exhausted. I have been fighting migraine-ish symptoms and a random leg strain I awoke with all day, and I feel overwhelmed.

I am only writing because it helps me release things so I can clear my mind. I have recently realized that worshiping through music and being creative is a gift the Lord gave me that helps me let go of burdens and refreshes me.

I am needy for the Lord, wanting to feel fulfilled in every way needed by Him and His love. Finally… some time, just before I fall asleep, and I pray He will reveal His presence obviously to me.

I am desperate for You, Lord.