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God’s Answer When We Feel Nothing

Perhaps you’ve experienced seasons where you were feeling little or nothing at all. You may even feel this way now: numb, empty, wondering why.

Maybe this is simply while spending time in God’s presence. Or it could be what you feel most of the time, in every situation. I’ve personally been in such a season recently. Emotions have not been felt as deeply—especially the positive ones such as joy, excitement and enthusiasm.

This has bothered me because—even in this trying season—there is still plenty to be joyful or excited about! New things are on the horizon for our house of prayer; promises we have long awaited are being fulfilled. And when events worth celebrating happen, we all want to share in the excitement, don’t we?

In response, God recently brought a life-altering revelation. I knew that this was something others also needed to hear because this revelation came with the potential to greatly change our perspectives, and even increase our pursuit of His heart.

God’s Answer

Be encouraged, beloved, God has an answer that might just be for you right now.

God impressed upon my heart that feeling nothing can be a good thing. Instead of causing discouragement, a lack of emotion is like a clear canvas awaiting a masterpiece. It is an opportunity that holds great possibilities!

Upon the very canvas of our souls, God can paint our souls with His own emotions and thoughts. All we need to do is ask Him what He is feeling and thinking, and to allow us to feel these emotions as well.

What a beautiful thing! His excitement, delight and other emotions about us and the events of our lives are far deeper, fuller and more alive than any human feelings we could ever have!

Perhaps this is why God allows us to experience seasons where we do not feel as deeply if at all. Now, if we are open to it, He can give us something higher instead–His own thoughts and feelings, His very heart.

My perspective has shifted completely and I pray this revelation shifts yours as you read this. Is this not yet another way He turns ashes to beauty? Our Abba is beyond amazing.

“…He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair…” Isaiah 61:3 (NLT)

Faith Not Feeling and Other Thoughts

I think so often we search for feelings & experiences, forgetting that the truth of God’s Word needs to never be neglected. We can only gain the knowledge & discernment we need through studying His Word, not basing our relationship with God too greatly on feelings or experiences. Our own feelings cannot be trusted–they change faster than the weather at times & are often the result of missed perceptions of people, situations & experiences.

Truth can rarely be known based solely on our feelings. We must continue to be in His Word, being sanctified by Him & surrendering to His will each day so that we can share the Good News & God’s truth with those who do not know Him. Then we can share the Gospel while truly being examples of how God is changing & growing us to be more Christ-like, & also grow in discernment as we study His Word.

We should be being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:1-2), not giving only to get more, chasing after every feel-good speaker or anointing we hear about to gain artificial highs, or refusing to change from our pre-salvation selves thinking it doesn’t truly matter since we’ve been forgiven (see Romans 6). How can we be witnesses by our lives to the Gospel & how the truth of His Word renews our minds if we do not continually put off our old selves & actually renew our minds (Ephesians 4:21-32 & Colossians 3:1-10)?

Nonbelievers will see & hear us, but not care a bit when we share the Gospel if our lives look just like theirs. Instead they might say, “Well, I must be fine like I am because these Christians aren’t any different from before they became Christians.” If we are without joy and love, how will they want anything to do with what we have?

We should ache to share His love — because WOW! How He so loves us to have died for our sins — but a big part of being in a right relationship with Jesus Christ is making Him our Lord & Savior:  We must wholeheartedly repent of our sins in order to do so.

In turn, a desire should grow in us to do what God requires of us to grow this relationship through His Word & doing our part as He makes us more like Christ, also being obedient to share the Gospel with those we encounter in our lives as God leads us.

Something I heard spoken about recently was calling ourselves Christians & yet not living this label:

Christian. That’s our name — a word which has root in CHRIST. Instead let us change ourselves as we deliberately strive to become more like Christ Jesus, Who gave His life for us. Let us grow closer to God through studying His Word, & grow greater in love & unity each day of our lives on this earth, seeking to be witnesses for Christ in all of ourselves — word, deed, mind, heart, soul & strength.

Me, Worship Leader?

There’s much thinking out loud ahead, but I’m sharing this as I know others may also experience this, or may have further help & encouragement to offer.

I feel incredibly inadequate for what God seems to be calling me to. I constantly have to remind myself that this calling may not come “before I’m ready,” & that God will equip me; but being honestly unhappy with many things in my life right now makes waiting hard as well! Don’t get me wrong, there are things I’m happy about & looking forward to currently — even if some of them are truly bittersweet — but I’m just feeling as I’m feeling lately & I find I can’t change that easily.

At these times, I think: I’ve only been a Christian for a year, I’m female, I lack knowledge of tech stuff, I can’t sing as well as I’d like, I don’t have the piano skills I need, I don’t play guitar, & flute (which is what my degree is in) won’t work for leading worship… So you can see now that I’m overwhelming myself & allowing the discouragement to flood in.

I amuse myself — So easily I can counteract such thoughts! After all, God will truly get the glory as I need Him all the more in my weaknesses. & there are other things too — like condemning myself probably far too often for even the littlest mistakes I make in life in general. But yet, the negative feelings don’t go away as fully as I’d like them to; the worries leave at times, but only to return.

FAITH IS NOT A FEELING! How often I tell myself this during the times I feel unloved, worth no good thing, or just feel that this is impossible (& I think I feel this way far too often!) & too often I am probably much too hard on myself, & I just can’t seem to beat it! I’m running in circles, afraid of being distanced from God, when I’m probably not doing much of anything I should be worrying about most of the time! I have a repentant heart, but I can’t help but wonder if I go too far!

Today during our second service, I just felt the need to pray alone & allow God to speak to me in the midst of it all. I found a Bible & flipped to John 3 to remind myself that God’s Word is truth & how I feel often is not.

John 3:17 (NIV) brought a bit of peace:

For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.

The Message expresses it this way:

God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending His Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again.

Condemnation is NOT of God — I’m either doing it to myself, or Satan is trying to discourage me through such condemnation. God would never condemn His children, but loves us, & only lovingly disciplines. But the hard part is the negative feelings that don’t seem to completely go away…

Of course I have things to work on, we all do! But there’s no reason to condemn myself, & even if I can’t make the feelings go away, I must choose to take God at His Word because His Word is truer than how I feel.

But of course… the feelings are what irritate me, & all this is easier said than done! That, my friends (or those of you who have stuck with me this long — thank you!), is my current frustration!