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How to Guard Your Heart: The Online Edition

In this life, we know we are to guard our hearts. Encounters with toxic people, the offended, the abusive, bullies and more. These reveal the necessity. They are in our workplaces and classrooms, even in our families and amongst the Body of Christ.

I specifically want to address guarding our hearts online, on Facebook and social media. Much of this comes from personal experience (including mistakes) as well as wisdom received from godly mentors and friends. Some can be applied offline as well.

To start: How do we guard our hearts? We guard our hearts in various ways. We do so by not letting others’ remarks and behaviors get to us. We take our fears, hurts and anxieties to Jesus and allow Him to wash us with His peace.

Furthermore, we guard our hearts by having boundaries and not allowing toxic people access. We guard our hearts like we do our living spaces. We do our part to keep out anything toxic. We don’t let potentially combustible items near the fire of Jesus’ love in our hearts. Continue reading

Explaining Worship to Non-believers?

I haven’t had a lot of time or energy lately to post something coherent or worth reading (if I ever post anything worth reading anyway!) Nonetheless, I was thinking about something this evening as I read some in the Psalms, & thought it’d be a great question to pose to others, & am curious to see what others have to say.

The question:

How would you define or explain worship to a non-believer or anyone who doesn’t truly know what ‘worship’ is? & let’s make it a little more difficult — Try to do so in two sentences or less. :)