Squashing Religious Hindrances: The Ragamuffin Gospel (Book Review)

Far too often the truth of God’s grace has been polluted with legalism, rules and religion, hindering the children of God from the fullness of a life-giving, intimate relationship with their Creator-Father, from receiving the acceptance and love purchased for them by Christ on Calvary. I recently read a book that helps fight against this … Continue reading Squashing Religious Hindrances: The Ragamuffin Gospel (Book Review)

Amazed by His Spirit’s Leading

I have a God story to tell today. :) If you are familiar with the song Dance With Me, you know that the song comes from Song of Solomon and refers to God as "the Lover of our souls." Before we sang it this morning, our contemporary service worship leader had something to read to … Continue reading Amazed by His Spirit’s Leading

God Believes in You

This post is apart of Sunday Setlists. Some highlights from the message today: Our God is a God of second chances! Just ask Jonah, and countless other Christians here today! Hearing testimony through a song written and song by a woman visiting our church today who's come out of addiction, and also a man who … Continue reading God Believes in You

Lover of God, Lover of My Soul?

A lot of believers can get uncomfortable when they hear the word "lover" in relation to God, and I have been there myself as well. However, I have been growing in the understanding of just what it means to say that we are lovers of God. The world has absolutely ruined the connotation of the … Continue reading Lover of God, Lover of My Soul?

Fixed on Jesus

There is such a longing growing in me. A longing for God. A longing to pray night and day, to seek Him at all hours. A longing to worship Him with all my heart, all focus completely and utterly on Him. To be so in tune with God and for Him to be glorified in … Continue reading Fixed on Jesus