Renewing Your Mind in God’s Word

The journey of renewing our minds is a process. It doesn't occur in a moment or two. It takes consistent, daily moments with Jesus over time. Nonetheless, it is one of the most beautiful parts of our journey with Him. How can we do our part in this? By spending time with Christ in worship, … Continue reading Renewing Your Mind in God’s Word

From Strength to Strength (Psalm 84)

You and I are called to a holy pursuit: the pursuit of friendship with God. Our goal? The closest possible relationship we can have with the Lord, even on this side of eternity. This is the center from which our lives and His Kingdom flow. The Lord alone satisfies. As wants for success, love, and … Continue reading From Strength to Strength (Psalm 84)

Our Last Breath: Destiny and Love

What will happen to you when you take your last breath? Have you ever wondered? This question must be asked of yourself and you must know whether you can live with the true answer. Will you wish you'd done things differently, everything in your life and destiny? Will you find out who God made you … Continue reading Our Last Breath: Destiny and Love