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Driving around in our city shows me time & again just how intensely hungry the inhabitants are for God. They don’t even know it, but they are so hungry for Him — it’s seen in how they seek after ways to fill the God-shaped hole inside of them, not knowing that only God can bring the wholeness they desire.

As I drove through our city today, I felt the ripeness that is here, all of the people so ripe to know God if they only realize it is He Who can fill them! At any time now I think God will do a restoring work here. This place’s Christ followers will be revived, & the city’s nonbelievers, pagan & New Age followers will discover Who can truly fill them as they search, hunger & thirst for God without realization.

I pray that a true revival will come to our nation & people will seek God alone in it & begin to put Him first as He should always be. I pray that God’s will alone will be done, that people will come to know Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior! I pray that believers will become bold & more able to hear God’s Spirit as He speaks to them, & that they will not only hear but be obedient in following whatever God instructs them to do in accordance to His will.

Make me a vessel for You alone, Lord. Open my spiritual senses so that I may follow You with all that You have made me. Show me & lead me in what You would have me to do. Help me to follow Your guidance in seeking first Your Kingdom & doing Your will whenever, however, & wherever You want me to & to follow hard after You with a boldness that comes only from You.

We All Worship Something

We all worship something. Be it ourselves, a sports team or celebrity, material goods & money, the latest trend, a job or God.

Where do you put all your time & energy? (Or where do you wish you could put all your time & energy?) How would you most want to spend a day if you had the choice? Do you give more energy to cheering on your favorite team or musical artist, to making money so you can buy things, or to God & seeking His Kingdom?

We all have times when we don’t worship God as He should truly be worshiped. It’s just a fact of who we are as fallen human beings unable to be perfect & holy as our Savior is perfect & holy. On the other hand, our being honest with God is worshiping in truth, in our current realities, struggles & emotions.

In the world we live, distractions are also many & increasing at every moment. Attempting to survive in the world these days isn’t easy. Giving more time & energy to God is more difficult than we will often dare to admit.

Making God the center of all we do is easier said than done, but He sees when we are trying to put Him front & center more & more, & He loves us even when we fail Him.

Don’t fret when you feel you aren’t giving enough time & energy to God. Don’t allow yourself to become discouraged, but keep moving forward & striving for more richness & deepness with Him in all aspects of your life. Remember in these times that God knows our hearts’ desires, even when we can’t give Him as much as we want or strive to in the midst of life’s fast pace.

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