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Healing from the Father of Lights

Healing is such a beautiful gift poured out from God of His divine power and love. How wonderful is our Father of Lights! Many think that at times He actually puts sickness on a person, but it is not true that God allows sickness to be put on a person, not even in order to teach them something. This is a lie many believe.

How can the Father of Lights who is pure, holy and full of beauty do evil? He does not, for He is altogether good. He desires mercy, not hurt or sacrifice. We can learn from all that happens to us and God uses all things for our good (Romans 8:28), but know that in His Word Jesus lovingly tells us that the Holy Spirit is our Teacher, not sickness and disease (John 14:26).

By Jesus’ stripes, it says we ARE healed, and just as He took our sins away by His sacrifice, He also took our infirmities (1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:4-5). Even though someone may still be waiting for healing to come in a physical way, it has already been made available by Jesus’ sacrifice.

Regardless of whether healing has come or not, God would not put something upon us that He sent His Son to free us from. Would He put sin on us? No way! So would He put sickness? No, of course not! God is Creator and God is Love, creating life and desiring that we chose life as well (Deuteronomy 30:15-20).

Jesus also expresses His desire for life for us, warning us that the devil is the one who steals, kills and destroys, but that He came so we may have LIFE, and have it abundantly (John 10:10). It changed my life when I learned this!

Remember that this is not a license to sin and do evil, or even to live on junk food and so forth without effect. The choices we make do have consequences for good or bad. If one chooses to sin, there are consequences, such as sex outside of marriage which can open you up to sexually transmitted diseases as well as the pain of heartache due to lack of commitment and true God-defined love as depicted in 1 Corinthians 13. Of course it isn’t God’s will that you be sick, but if you choose sin–which is also not His will–that choice has consequences. We reap what we sow, just as the seeds planted by the gardener bring forth the type of flowers they are brought forth from (Galatians 6:7-9).

The same also applies to taking care of our bodies: We cannot eat junk food all the time and expect perfect health, or continue a smoking habit without it negatively affecting our bodies.

God desires life, so endeavor in all things to choose life so that you may experience it abundantly. Know that He does not put sickness on you, nor does He want you to make choices that open you up to such a possibility. Be free and pursue the life that He has for you: Life abundant, for which He sent Jesus to make the way, paying the price to take away your sin, sickness and grief.

I pray this blog post is used by our Father God to set people free from ungodly beliefs and wrong doctrines even as they read these words. May His truth also build your faith for your own healing and that of others. Not only are we instructed to pray for others’ healing, but to command they be made whole in Jesus’ name, just as Jesus demonstrated and sent His disciples out to do. All things are possible with our Lord and Savior who made the way for us!

He gave His life so you could have an ever-growing relationship with Him, and it will be the most wonderful friendship and close companionship you will ever know! He desires to bring us to the fullness of life in Him as much as possible on this side of eternity, that we live and move and have our being not as fallen, defeated people on this earth, but as overcomers living on earth as it is in Heaven!