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Warrior Lovers of God

I had a dream last night that I saw something like a document about something related to pursuing God that had a sort of list on it. I don’t remember clearly enough to write down all I saw, but I am praying for God to reveal more. I even wonder if it may exist and I am going to definitely spend some time searching it out.

What was on it that I do remember is that it spoke of being a warrior–a warrior for God. I feel that it was communicating that this is a thing of great importance in our pursuit of God. There was also a second list in this document that spoke of how people can get tripped up, if you will, and do not pursue God at the highest level. Again, one of the first things on this second list concerned when people do not choose to become a warrior!

Before continuing, I want to define what I mean by “the pursuit of God.” For me, the pursuit of God means pursuing the deepest possible relationship with God–true intimacy and personal interaction with Him as the One we seek to be closest to–compared to any other human relationship or activity. We are to be lovers of God, and He is Father, Bridegroom, Best Friend, Comforter, Helper, Guide…our Security, Refuge and Strength… essentially, He is our EVERYTHING.

Being a warrior in Christ, what does that mean? As I was contemplating this dream, what came to mind was that being a warrior means standing your ground and putting down all that keeps us from deeply pursuing God.

We must push through all that hinders us from entering into “the secret place” with Him – that place where we talk and spend time with Him where no one else can take part except for us with our highly personal and loving God. It’s that way of living our lives in continually abiding with Him (John 15)–not just talking with Him for only a certain set time each day, but also talking to Him throughout the day and about everything!

In pursuing lives that fervently go after God and pushing through all that distracts and hinders love, WE ARE WARRIORS!

We war against all that tries to keep us from staying continually connected to God and in the deep secret place of communion with Him, and when we’ve done all we can, we stand firm in steadfastness (2 Cor. 10:3-6, Eph. 6:10-18). We grow to know His perfect, unconditional love for us and not only know it, but grow to feel His presence as He is always with us.

God is not as man can be at times that He would lie (Numbers 23:19): No, He is truly for us and always with us (Romans 8:31, Matthew 28:20). As we take our place as warriors of Christ, standing firm and fighting off all distractions, we are flinging wide the doors of His throne room and coming boldly into the presence of our God (Hebrews 4:16)! And as we do this, we will truly experience the truth of His presence always with us and a deep connectedness with God in our pursuit of Him.

Dive In!

My heart is full with the knowledge that Christ’s return is soon. So many of us are living for ourselves, Christians included. Many aren’t living for God with the knowledge of His return in their hearts.

Know Him? No

If you don’t know Him today, know that God loves you unconditionally. He aches for you to know Him and have life and life abundantly! Come to Him and receive His everlasting love for you, my friend. Contact me or find someone who you think is truly living for and in love with Jesus and talk with them. Even tell Jesus Himself at this very moment of your desire to know Him. You won’t be disappointed!

Know Him? Yes

Are you trying to live as the world lives, fulfilling your longings with money/material things, success, activities and other people without satisfying your longing in God? He’s the only One who can satisfy you, beloved. Raise your heart to Him.

It’s not easy to constantly die to our soulish wants and desires and we will do so until His return. But come to Him, spend time with Him alone daily, and also bring Him into every aspect of your life here. You will grow in experiencing His yoke that is easy and light.

He Aches For You!

He aches to hear your voice, and also wants to tell you how He feels about youalways love and gladness! Ask Him, beloved! Ask Him! He will speak of His love to you!

Go on the never-ending pursuit of seeking God and searching out His unfathomable riches. Talk to Him and listen for His reply. Dive into His Word and ask questions like, “What was Mary feeling as she sat at Your feet listening to You speak?” What were You feeling, Jesus?!” He will answer, I know it!

It’s not just for the pastor or missionary or the person who’s “crazy” for God. It’s for ALL of us! Dive into seeking out the God of the universe in all His endlessness! You won’t be disappointed!

Cultivating Relationship with God

This post is mostly excerpts from a teaching on Cultivating the Oil of Intimacy by Mike Bickle.

It is not enough to study the Word, we must give our heart to God and receive from Him as we read it. Bible study must create an active dialogue in our heart with God. Scripture gives us the “conversational material” in our prayer life. It creates the language of our heart with God. Using the Word in our prayer language with God makes prayer easy and enjoyable. We must actually speak the Word back to God and against Satan’s attack on our lives. Many do not speak the Word back to God or against Satan (they only speak it to others). The power of God’s love touches us as we declare back it to God. We thank Him for the love that He declares over us.
(Mike Bickle)

We must put our relationship with God first, not work or ministry to others, not anything else, to be ready in the day of Christ’s return. Without intimacy with God, we’ll lack the fuel of God’s Spirit in ourselves and also being God’s vessel as each one is called to be like Christ to others.

Matthew 25: Parable of the Ten Virgins

The kingdom of heaven is like what happened one night when ten girls took their oil lamps and went to a wedding to meet the groom. Five of the girls were foolish and five were wise. The foolish ones took their lamps, but no extra oil. The ones who were wise took along extra oil for their lamps. …someone shouted, “Here’s the groom! Come to meet him!”

When the girls got up and started getting their lamps ready, the foolish ones said to the others, “Let us have some of your oil! Our lamps are going out.”
The girls who were wise answered,
“There’s not enough oil for all of us! Go and buy some for yourselves.”

While the foolish girls were on their way to get some oil, the groom arrived. The girls who were ready went into the wedding, and the doors were closed. Later the other girls returned and shouted, “Sir, sir! Open the door for us!”
But the groom replied,
“I don’t even know you!”

So, my disciples, always be ready! You don’t know the day or the time when all this will happen.

Mike later shares that to grow in relationship with Jesus we must:

  • Spend time regularly and intentionally feeding on God’s Word and meditating on His truths (read the quote at the top of this post).
  • Live it! We must be doers of the Word, not just hearers (James 1:22)
  • Intentionally utilize God’s Word when faced with temptation – speak His truth and take all thoughts captive to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:3-6)
  • Say “no” to things that hinder our relationship with God or keep us from cultivating intimacy with Him and living by the Spirit instead of the flesh. (Mark 8:34, 2 Corinthians 5:15, Colossians 3:1-2)

“Many ‘ministry lamps’ will go out because they will lack the spiritual vitality of the Spirit’s oil & will not be able to feed the heart of God’s people in the coming time pressures.”
(Mike Bickle)