The Search for a Godly Definition of Success

The winds of the world's ideas of success swirl around us: the pressure to create and to do, to earn more, to be productive, to be successful. People and families alike have definitions of what it means to be successful: major in that field, get that job, be married by xx age and having children. … Continue reading The Search for a Godly Definition of Success

‚ÄčLoving Truth and Loving People

Have you heard anyone say that we should love people more than loving truth? I read this recently, yet I know from studying God's Word that this is false. Hear me out for a moment. ūüôā   We must love people but we also have to love truth. God's Word says that you and I … Continue reading ‚ÄčLoving Truth and Loving People

How to Grow in Passion for Jesus

We want to grow in love and passion for God as we pursue a relationship with Him. Do you know how to grow in passion for Jesus? If you want to know more about this topic, read on. I pray that each of us will increase in passion for Jesus, who Himself loves us so passionately.