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Tools For Worship Leaders/Songwriters

I’ve found or been recommended some useful tools for worship leaders as well as musicians and others lately. I thought I would share my findings in hopes that others will find these useful as well!

OpenSong: A free, multi-platform and open source alternative for displaying lyrics, presentations, etc. during worship services. Also useful for transposing chord charts, displaying Bible verses, etc. Read more about what OpenSong can do here.

Guitar Chord Finder: Quite useful for quick chord look-ups. This site has other useful resources, too.

Transposr: A great online tool useful for transposing both chord charts AND mp3s to different keys from the creators of PlanningCenterOnline.

What useful tools have you found? Share in the comments.

Here I Am: To Worship (Reflections on the Words)

Yesterday morning while listening to the radio, Tim Hughes‘ song Here I Am To Worship was played & it struck me in a different way than before. In the midst of all that’s going on, God reminded me through this song that no matter how I’m feeling or what I’m doing, that I still need to continue living for Him & worshiping Him, that my purpose in everything is to worship Him. Essentially, here I am, wherever I am, & from that place in life, I’ve got to worship despite any fiery dart thrown my way.

When I arrived at the church to get in some morning flute playing, I grabbed some paper & the lyrics to Here I Am To Worship (which, ironically, was one of the songs in our contemporary set list this past Sunday). I used the lyrics to remind me again of what God had communicated to me, & my reflections through the lyrics’ reminders:

“Here I am” —> “to worship

  • I am here to worship, serve, know, love God & do His will.
  • It’s all about Him, it doesn’t matter the instrument, voice, people, style, place, how I feel, or what I’m going through.

“Here I am” —> “to bow down”

  • to God, His purposes & His will.
  • to die to myself, my wants, preferences & will.

“Here I am” —> “to say that You’re my God”

  • to share You with those who don’t know You.
  • to lavish Your love & grace on all people no matter what.

“You’re altogether lovely…worthy…wonderful to me”

  • despite my successes or failings in doing Your will, loving & serving You, You love me.
  • Jesus died for me, & I could never deserve this, but yet You are that wonderful & loving to me.
  • You are completely & entirely worthy of all my praise, gratitude, & worship.

Thank You, Jesus, for stepping down into darkness, opening my eyes, & letting me see the Truth of You. Lord, here I am, wherever I am within whatever I am. Help me to worship, serve & love You as You truly deserve.