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Worship = WORTHship

The greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind” (Luke 10:27.)

How does this relate to worshiping through singing? Do you love the Lord when you sing to or about Him? Do you give God musical praise with all your strength & effort? Do you sing the words in complete awareness of their meaning & mean itby singing with both your heart & mind?

It takes effort to truly worship. We can’t worship without putting all our strength, all our hearts & all our minds into the picture & expect it to be meaningful to God.

Paul said in the second half of 1 Corinthians 14:15:

“…I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my MIND.

How much worth do you give to God in worship? There is no worth in worship if our heart & mind aren’t in it. If our mind is not involved, then how can we worship in truth or in spirit? (John 4:23-24) [Note: The word worship comes from the old English word WORTHship.]

What about the beloved hymn Amazing Grace? We may have sung it 1,000 times & know every verse in memory, yet never truly engaged our minds as we sang the words:

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me!

Is God’s grace amazing to you? Is it a sweet sound? Do you sing the words with meaning, in thanksgiving to Him for loving you so much that He saved you?

Worship Misconceptions

It may surprise some of us that there are people who think that worship is for us instead of for God. Many also see or treat worship as entertainment (worship-tainment as some call it). Worship does benefit us, but it is something that we do for God. I was incredibly surprised myself to find that some seem to view worship as being for us. Worship isn’t about us, but is truly for God to show our gratitude toward God for all He has done for us and to glorify Him.

When worship involves singing or speaking, the words we are expressing to God must be felt and understood in our hearts and minds (often in our own personal way). Our words must be genuinely expressed to Him. If we don’t mean what we’re singing about, then we may not be worshiping God in truth or with the whole of our hearts and minds.

Worship is about so much more than the music of a Sunday church service. The way we live our lives as Christians is worship! Worshiping–living our lives in order to please God, delight in Him and glorify Him in all we do, be it via corporate worship in church, working at your 9-5 job, singing His praises in the car, or just by loving your family selflessly!

I think we must continue to educate other Christians about worship, that it is for God and not for ourselves. If others don’t understand what worship is or know its purpose, it may be that they’ve never truly known or understood worship, and I feel that those of us who understand worship should make the extra effort to explain it to those who may not ‘get it.’

We don’t worship for our own gain, though it can benefit us. It is for our Almighty Creator! Worship is our way of life in living for God and in a relationship with Him.

Will We Worship God Wholeheartedly?

Jesus died on the cross in order that our sins may be forgiven, that we could have a restored relationship with God by His sacrifice. Sometimes I think it helps for us to remember all He went through for us. He suffered and died for us. This is huge.

In my own experience, I cannot cease to thank Him for this each and every day, through how I live my life and through worshiping Him with my whole heart.

Let us remember all He has done to reconcile us to the Father, to redeem us and give us life. Let us sing and shout praises to Him and raise our hands to Him in awe. Let our gratitude shine forth from our faces for what God has done for us… because of the indescribably amazing sacrifice of the truest of love that He gave!

May we be speechless because of all He has done. May we reflect on what He has done for us. As you worship with your church or small group, ponder on the words you are singing or hearing, reflect on the Scriptures shared, let your soul be reminded you of how indescribably great our God truly is!

How can we live unmoved without emotion when He has done the unthinkable for us who deserved it not? How can immense thanksgiving not fill our hearts as we exclaim with the Psalmist, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not all His benefits!” (See Psalm 103 in the Bible.)

We are made to worship!

Will we choose to pour it out to the Creator of the Universe who created us, to the Redeemer who lives forever and made the way for us to have eternal life with Him when He could have simply just left us in the chaos and destruction of our sin?

It should be our desire to worship Him with our whole hearts, to worship and love Him with all the strength of our hearts, souls and minds, in both Spirit and in truth. Even if we feel unable, or don’t think we know how, our hearts should cry out to Him to teach us His ways and to give us hearts and lives that exclaim that He is altogether lovely and worthy of all of our worship and surrender!

As Psalm 150 exclaims, “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!”