You’re All I Want

Lord, I don't care so much anymore about the details, the music, the methods, about whatever goes into doing church. I want only to be at Your feet, lying with my face at Your feet. I want to let my tears of brokenness for the Church, my ache for the unity needed, my gratitude for … Continue reading You’re All I Want

God’s Involvement So Obvious Yet I Miss It

Sometimes God's will for our lives when we need to be sure of it is right in front of us; yet in my current experience, instead of seeing it, I have felt like I must have an excessively obvious response about the situation. The answer is right in front of me, yet I miss it … Continue reading God’s Involvement So Obvious Yet I Miss It

My Favorite Way of Expression

Music for me, is an overflow of my heart & spirit, an unhindered expression of my love for the Lord. It is an overflow of thanksgiving & love to our Father God who gave His beloved Son Jesus to take away all of our sins, guilt, and shame. Such an overflow of love that can … Continue reading My Favorite Way of Expression

Memories Made Beautiful

As a now intensely passionate follower of Christ, I realize in a new way why my grandmother never let anything stop her from expressing her love of Jesus Christ. How she used to sing, shout praises to Him, share Him with anyone she met without caring what anyone thought of it (I remember countless times … Continue reading Memories Made Beautiful

They Just Stood Waiting for Something, Someone

More than just the usual handful of us were left hungry for God after worship on Sunday. It was an exciting day of services for me as I awaited God's answer to many of our prayers. (By the way, we have a morning 'traditional music' worship service, bible study classes, & then a second morning … Continue reading They Just Stood Waiting for Something, Someone