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Worship Leaders: Do You Deal with Spiritual Warfare?

I led worship for our traditional service this weekend (we also have a contemporary service in which I am involved in the worship ministry…)

Well, some recent happenings got me thinking…

Do those of you involved in worship ministry (or in any church ministry, especially in more active and leadership positions) deal with spiritual warfare often? If so, I’d love it if you would elaborate on this if you can or want to. Anything else you’d like to say on this topic is welcome as well.

I experienced more than usual (or at least, in a different way) this week, mainly just early in the week, and then also had an experience on Saturday while driving in which I can only know that God protected me from (because nothing else explains it!) Of course, some of it could have been other things, but nonetheless, it got me thinking about this topic.

So feel free to discuss here.

What If You Couldn’t Sing/Play?

A friend and I were chatting today about worship. From our conversation I thought of a challenging but intriguing question that I would like to pose.

The Question:

What if you could not sing, play an instrument, speak (or write), hear, dance, or move at all — In such a predicament, how would you approach worshiping God? How would you then worship Him without being able to do any of these things?

Now, I know, this is quite a question. I can already sense some responses I may get (or give myself). I know feeling (emotion) will have a lot to do with it, but let’s try to delve even deeper!

I can’t wait to hear some of your responses! Even if your response is “I have no idea!” I’d like to hear that kind of honesty as well, so respond anyway! When I see some of your responses, I’ll share my own and possibly respond to some of what others have to say.