The Search for a Godly Definition of Success

The winds of the world's ideas of success swirl around us: the pressure to create and to do, to earn more, to be productive, to be successful. People and families alike have definitions of what it means to be successful: major in that field, get that job, be married by xx age and having children. … Continue reading The Search for a Godly Definition of Success

In Times of Testing, Jesus Is So Worth It

Have you ever felt as if everything was going opposite the Lord's promises? Have you felt like throwing in the towel, wondering if you’ve missed it because nothing worthwhile seems to be happening anymore? These are the times when our true motives and resolve are tested. What is truly in our hearts is brought to … Continue reading In Times of Testing, Jesus Is So Worth It

Prayer Is Our Foundation

Earlier this month I was given the opportunity to share on the importance of prayer as our foundation. Below are a few excerpts from this teaching. I pray it will bless and benefit you as well. 1. God has specifically called His house a house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7). The Lord has not primarily named … Continue reading Prayer Is Our Foundation

Results and Relationship: It’s Time to Abide

As Christians we declare life with God is about relationship not religion. However we often still replace intimacy with God with another form of doing--getting answers to prayer in our quiet time or tangible results in the churches we serve. But above all else, we must seek to live out the truth of Christ: "Abide in Me.” It is only in this way that we will bear much fruit.

There Is More to Worship

There is greater meaning to living a life of worship than singing or meeting once in a while at a gathering. There is so much more to worship. We are called to exalt Jesus not simply through a word spoken or a song sung, but by the giving of our lives. We are called to … Continue reading There Is More to Worship