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A Call to God’s Sons and Daughters

This is a prophetic word that the Lord gave me today. He is beckoning us deeper into His heart, thank You, Father!

A Call to My Menservants & My Maidservants

“Where are the sons and daughters who will travail for the releasing of My presence, for My weighty manifest presence? Where are the sons and daughters cloaked in intimacy with My beloved Son?

Will you come? Will you come at My Son’s beckoning? He so longs for you, My beloved ones. We long for you, that you would truly know as you are known, to see as We see.

I will give you the eyes of My Spirit by which to see, and My ears by which to hear. I will give you a new song and greater cries for deep intimacy and fellowship with Me.

It will not be your doing, but by My Spirit. It will not be that which man can take credit for, but suddenly you will find yourself in My presence like never before. You will find yourself wrapped in a deep intimacy with Me, for all that you have sowed to My Spirit will come forth.

I am a faithful God and I will not be mocked. I will not allow the enemy to receive any of the glory which I carry and have given to you, My children, you who are made in My image. You are Mine and the glory is Mine. I impart it to you, My vessels of intimacy, you who are in love with Me, because I love you and I gave My Son for you. You are My beloved. Do not forget this and do not fear. You are Mine.

Rise up, My sons and My daughters, My mighty beloved ones! I have so much to pour into you for this time. Come receive.

Do you desire to be My menservants and My maidservants, to bring Heaven to earth? Yes, I say, you surely will do this, My pure and spotless Bride. Only say ‘yes’ to My will and to My plans for the coming time and it shall be done.”