Simple Devotion to Christ: Beware of Distractions

Be on the lookout for things that distract you from pure and simple devotion to Christ. Many things abound in this world to steal our attention away from what truly matters. Fears and distractions can crash upon us in wave after wave, threatening to knock us down. This is even more true as the COVID-19 … Continue reading Simple Devotion to Christ: Beware of Distractions

When Breakthrough Hasn’t Come

At times we may experience seasons of spiritual dryness in our journey with God. It may feel as if we are in a vast wilderness. Our prayers may seem to go without any answer. We may even feel as if God is absent. The promises of yesterday may feel as if they weren't true. The … Continue reading When Breakthrough Hasn’t Come

Having a Consecrated Heart, Part 2: Weak Flesh, Willing Spirit

Part 2 of The Consecrated Heart. At times we may struggle with living lives of consecration before the Lord. Our emotions or flesh may want to take us in other directions, or our own desires may not be aligned with God's Word. Nonetheless, as our hearts grow in love for God, we will continue to fight the good fight of faith, wanting God's will and not our own.