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All of Heaven Inside You

I am amazed by our God. I feel so loved that He pours out His love and gives so much of Himself. He is so beautiful and yet even more so. He holds onto us tighter than we often realize, and He will NEVER let go, even when we miss the mark or make mistakes. He is so faithful!

He will also never let you down. If it ever seems that way, it is not true, though I myself have experienced that place of feeling painfully distant from the Lord. Thankfully, things aren’t always as they appear to our natural senses.

Feelings are not always in agreement with the truth, and at times I’ve found that persevering is most difficult when my emotions are in a bad way. Our emotions do not always agree with His truth, and our timing is not always in alignment with His. But if you set yourself to keep your gaze on Him, and in quiet trust you wait on Him, He will never disappoint you. He is your Rock and your Salvation.

He is a good Father and Jesus is a perfect Husband. The Holy Spirit is a perfect Comforter. He gives us good gifts! After all, He gave Jesus! What would He do but to want to BE with you!

Often we just do not rest from our striving and we allow fears and distractions to take our focus captive, pulling it away from God, where our focus should be even in difficulties.

Refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy of your soul. That enemy wants only to cut off your abiding connection with the Lord, do not entertain his lies in your mind or his feelings that lie to your soul.

Allow nothing to come in between you and the Lord! He has deposited ALL of the treasures of Heaven inside you! He wants to show you great and mighty things of which you know not, yet they are already within you by His Spirit inside you, waiting for you to recognize and release them by His power and strength! How can we release something we don’t recognize? May He open up our eyes to all He has placed inside us.

Can you relate to this? Do you realize that with God’s Holy Spirit in you, you have all of Heaven within reach? Have you ever had fears or other challenges that seemed to keep you from seeing the truth of God dwelling inside you? Have emotions ever caused you to feel as if God was not going to come through in your life or situation? Share your experiences below.

Carriers of God’s Presence

This is something that the Lord has been nurturing in my spirit since November 2013. I’m grateful He has led me to share it again recently.

God has called us to be carriers of His manifest presence upon this earth. He desires that His Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. This is massive!

In order to be carriers of His presence, we must choose to make room for Him. His presence cannot be ignored or forgotten in our lives.

Pregnant with the presence of God

Think of this: Just as it is undeniable that a woman is carrying a child when she has progressed further along in her pregnancy, it cannot be ignored when we are carrying the manifest presence of God within us.

A woman with child cannot do things the same way as when she was not pregnant. She has to change the way she eats, moves, and cares for herself. She is caring for more than herself, another person within her that is living and breathing and going to change lives and already is bringing change in hers in a beautiful and blessed way.

In this same way, we must make room in our lives for the Lord to move in and through us. We must let go of some things, and change our way of living to reflect Jesus. We must allow Him to fully possess us so that we can be laid down lovers of Jesus, as Heidi Baker says, being willing to do anything to see Heaven come to earth through us.

On earth as it is in Heaven

Father God wants His presence to be tangible in us, noticed by all around as we carry forth His love, light and truth; most importantly, as we carry all of Him within us and a storehouse of all He desires to do in others’ lives and upon this earth. But again, we have to choose to make room and let Him use us as His vessel, a carrier of His manifest presence.

Lord, we pray all will choose to make room for You and desire to be carriers of Your presence within themselves, tabernacles of You 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In full union with You, one with You and full of You, Jesus.

Do you want to be a carrier of God’s manifest, tangible presence to the world and to others?
What would help you as you learn to be a carrier of His presence?